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September 2019
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Flower Show
Sea Mills Flower show

BBC's Ali Vowels to present trophys at Sea Mills Flower show…

Public Hall
New Trustees

It was a tremendous success, and the Hall is proud to announce it is under new governance!

+  Flu Clinic Dates
Flu Clinic Dates

Timetable for flu jab clinics at both Shirehampton Health Centre and Capel road surgery…

Climate Change - What Can We Do?

The Shirehampton Climate Emergency Group is hosting a Climate Event from 10:00 am- 12:00 on Saturday 7th September in the Methodist Church, Penpole Lane.

The event will be an opportunity for us to learn about the global warming that is causing climate change, about the effects this change will have on us in Britain, and about the effect it is already having in many parts of the world. The Government and more than 100 Councils, including Bristol City Council, have declared a Climate Emergency to make us all aware of how serious the situation is. Here is a description of how some of us joined in direct action to raise awareness about Climate Change.

In July, a dozen members of Shirehampton's Climate Emergency Group helped with the big XR (extinction rebellion) action in Bristol.

Many of us attended non-violent direct action training, which helped us make sure we were signing up to something we truly believed in and prepared us for many situations, including the possibility of being arrested.

Between us, we got involved in many ways to support the action.

  • Stewarding: giving out information to people on their way to work and having some good conversations.
  • Wellbeing: taking snacks and water to protestors marching in very hot conditions, and to protestors sitting at road blocks.
  • Clowning: learning and using clown skills (and costumes!) to help draw attention to the protest in a different way.
  • Swarming: standing in the road to block traffic for up to 7 minutes (which is legal!).
  • Back office: taking calls from legal observers about protestors who were being arrested and making sure they would be supported at the police station when released. A mass cycle ride with hundreds of other cyclists.
  • Court: waiting outside Bristol Magistrates court to check those who had been arrested were being looked after following their hearings.

We met so many lovely people during the week, absolutely loved the community space that was created and learned so much about being kind to each other and our world. We also collected a lot of information to bring back and share with our Shirehampton Community.

Many people criticise the tactics of XR and dislike the disruption that blocking roads causes to individuals.

I am sad hearing stories about how some people were affected…

Every day of the action ended with a people's assembly, giving time for reflection and planning. Wednesday was arguably the most disruptive day and so the actions on Thursday were intentionally toned down.

Why is disruption being used?

That's a good question. Concerned people have been politely trying to look after our world for many decades but their actions have not been taken seriously. Yes, good changes are slowly happening but the UK continues to make things worse, choosing fracking, more roads and more runways. People take notice when there is disruption and they are forced to act. The UK XR movement is trying to wake up our government to the urgency of the situation. Disruption gets people talking and this is something that needs talking about.

Shirehampton Climate Emergency Group is not a branch of XR.

We all have our own individual views about the best way to make a difference. You don't have to believe disruption is the way to tackle the climate emergency. Many of our group do not want to cause any disruption but want to take action in other ways. We welcome everyone because this is an issue that affects everyone. We'd love to hear your views and share what we have learned.

We have a stand on the High Street some Saturday mornings. We hope that many of you will come to climate talks and film on September 7th.

A Shire Resident, Member of Shirehampton Climate Emergency Group

Congratulations To Clic Sargent Shirehampton

Clic Sargent has been trading in our High Street for 25 years this September.

I have been a volunteer now for about 14 years and it is a real joy to be a part of this Charity. I like to be busy and working in the shop has helped to fill this need. It is such a worthwhile way to put something back into the community. We are a very happy group with Sarah Sue our managers, all the other volunteers and not forgetting our customers.

Thousands of pounds have been raised for the sick children and their families from the people of Shirehampton and surrounding areas.

Thank you Clic Sargent for allowing me to be part of such a local and worthwhile cause. I would also like to send Sarah, our present Manager, very best wishes in her new shop nearer to her home.

P M W - Name and address supplied

The Good Life in Shirehampton

I have uncovered some local gems on my wanderings recently, which are surely old favourites for some but have been quite exciting for us as relative newcomers.

I have spent quite a bit of the past four years walking around Shire trying, with varying levels of success, to get a small person to nap in the pushchair. A few weeks back I was having a stroll up towards Kingsweston House with a toddler who turned out to not be that tired and I came across cricket. We have walked past the empty pitch hundreds of times, and given that the nap wasn't happening we decided to drop in and watch.

The toddler toddled happily around in the sunshine and I got to sit down and split my attention between keeping him out of trouble, watching the match and listening to the chat of the players on the bench. Now cricket is not my thing, I had no idea what was going on, it really was not an experience full of exhilaration and yet it was just glorious! Sunny, peaceful and surrounded by those huge trees rustling in the breeze, with the relaxing rhythm of the game. It was a joy to have such a quintessentially English experience less than a mile from home.

For us a trip out involves public transport or cycling, with a few car hires a year to visit relatives further afield. Sometimes that means we miss out on going to things that are awkward to get across town to, but mostly it's just fine. Living where we do is a big part of that and compared to many places we really appreciate the richness of what we have on our doorstep. We all keep learning! I've known how great walking along the river and through the woods at Kingsweston Estate is but now I also know that we have the option of sitting down in the sun and doing not a lot to the backdrop of cricket. Delightful!

Garden Fundraiser.

awaiting photo
Sheila Bubb

For over twelve years Sheila Bubb has opened her garden to the public to fund raise for St.Marys Church.

Each year has seen the garden display differ with various plants and flowers and this year was no different. Sheila has always loved gardening, even in her twilight years it takes a little longer each year to plant it up.

Sheila's interest and determination to make her garden colourful and enjoyable never fails.

This year though, Sheila has decided it will be the last time her garden will be open to the public.

Many have admired the colourful display and Sheila has raised through donations £150.00 which will be given to St. Marys Church.

Kathryn Courtney.


I live in Shirehampton and it has a village green
A great place to live and the best I've ever seen

There are families who have lived here for 8 score years and ten
Everyone knows everyone and can call them friend

A place is just a place if it has no soul or heart
It's the people that live there that tell it apart

Community is it's life's blood, it makes it a home
Not the bricks, not the mortar, they're only made of stone

I am proud I come from Shire, I know it's in my blood
It's a community of good people, many of whom I love

Shirehampton is a village with a village green
It's just the best place that I have ever seen.

Written by Jennifer Frankowicz (nee Button) 2019

Rail Fares Up Again

Rail fares are predicted to rise again on 2nd January 2020 by around 2.9%.

The new fare rise annoucement, expected on August 14th, comes shortly after a 3.1% increase in January. This rise will affect commuters all over the country, particularly the 39% of professionals nationwide who have failed to go to work due to expensive rail fares.

I am in touch with Irina Iovita, CEO of Commuter Club, who is available for a call to discuss the fare rise - she can provide industry knowledge and data. Let me know if you would be interested in speaking with her and I can arrange something for you.

Holly Kinsell, holly@flamepr.com/ 0203 357 9747

Ships In The Port Of Bristol.

Colin Momber was one of the local photographers in the area along with his wife Theresa.

awaiting photo
The early years

Both had been running their photography business in Shirehampton for over fifty years. However Colin's career began in the Port of Bristol Printing and Photography Department in 1954 and he was soon made official photographer for Bristol docks ‐ Avonmouth, Portishead, Royal Edward Dock, Portbury and Bristol City Centre until its demise. ‐ In fact Colin has a great knowledge of the history of Bristol docks that his first book Bristol Sea Port was printed in 1997. His latest book entitled Ships In The Port Of Bristol and is out now, giving a pictorial history and how life has changed over the years with cargo and how it's transported.

awaiting photo

I'd been taking photos around the docks for some years and would submit them to in house magazines such as Tide Way, Port Folio, Shipway and others. At that time I decided to buy a printing press from the print shop on the docks. Unfortunately during transportation it fell over and broke into pieces. Soon after that I was asked by a Miss Crouch if I'd do the photos on an official basis for the Port of Bristol. Said Colin.

awaiting photo

Looking through the book, it contains an array of great photos with a little write up here and there. Colin also covers some history on each of the docks too. However it was the photos of the SS Great Britain that caught my eye. It came into the Royal Edward dock on 23rd June 1970 on a pontoon having travelled 9,000 miles from the Falkland Islands. It had to be floated off the pontoon to be patched up ready for its voyage along the river Avon to the city docks on 5th July. It was in a very bad state having previously been used to store coal. I took photos of it's voyage up the river, there was so much interest in the ship it was difficult to get through the traffic on the Portway. Said Colin.

The book, Ships In The Port Of Bristol is out now, price £14.95. You can buy copies from Vesta Mortgages, 39 Pembroke Road, Shirehampton (formerly the photography shop) or send an email to colin.momber@cliffhanger.me.uk

Kathryn Courtney

Tynings Field Fights Climate Change

One of the most important things ordinary people can do to fight climate change is plant trees and grow their own food.

Climate Change doesn't just cause the ice caps to melt or the hole in the ozone layer, it's altering our weather systems which is affecting the seasons and the agricultural calendar. This means many seeds are being killed off before they can germinate. Farming will need to diversify into ecological growing around a broader habitat, including trees. If we support ourselves by cutting down on using processed food, and transportation is kept minimal, then this can be the way forward.

Tynings field have planted edible hedgerows of nuts, berries and fruit. In the future our options of what we eat may have to include foraging and our ideas on what goes into a salad will need to change. Open land collects rainfall which keeps hold of previous groundwater and soil fertility.

It is our mission at Tynings Field Community to enable people to fight climate change by actively participating in locally produced food sources, by obtaining land for the purpose of growing fruit and vegetables in a diverse environment including trees, flowers for bees, and protecting wildlife, for more sustainable living.

Over the coming months we prepare for changes by enlarging plots to enable bigger quantities of vegetables to be planted. Thus allowing for crop failure and adverse weather but also the possibility of increased productivity.

Tandem Arts Appeal For Lavender Flowers (dilly dilly)

awaiting photo
Lavenders blue dilly dilly

As I cycle about Shire' I notice many lavender plants which are probably about ready to be picked.

I would love to start a project asking people to cut/contribute their spent flowers and use them for crafts, fundraising, Christmas market stalls etc, purposes later in the year. My gardening mentor and local plot holder has promised me hers, I have quite a few plants and I can gather from near work in Horfield - the potential is big. As for products, there are more than just the little bags for the drawers, there are eye pillows that can be made (selling for £12 at the better food company) and lots more.

I (Tandem Arts) will be happy to start organising how the seeds are put to use once we know how much has been collected. I will be able to store the flower heads and, initially, they could be dropped off at the Hall.

Where would the raised money go ? I have no preference as such but Shirehampton Public Hall seems like a good idea

Please pass the message to friends, neighbours and colleagues to collect the seed heads before they are all scattered to the wind.

Annelies(Tandem Arts)

Shirehampton Gospel Choir Records EP!

On a hot sunny Saturday in July around 80 singers gathered to record a brand new EP.

The Shirehampton Gospel Generation Community Choir was one of 6 choirs that were part of this exciting project. Three other GGCC Bristol choirs (www.ggcc.org.uk), one from Torquay and one from Feltham swelled the numbers creating a wonderful rich sound.

For most of the singers this was their first experience of being part of a recording so they got a new insight into the world of multiple takes, instructions for more energy, tighter diction and smiles! It was a long day, taking 5 hours to record the four songs and then we had another 3 hours to record a smaller group and some solos. The backing tracks for the songs had already been done by GGCC choir director Emma Smallwood (www.emfomusic.co.uk) so literally all that was needed was the vocals.

awaiting photo

We had the expert help of experienced singer/songwriter Geraldine Latty for the day. She led the choirs through all the songs and two of the songs we recorded were actually written by her and her husband, Carey Luce (www.lucemusic.london). Carey was the engineer/producer for the day, and will be mixing all the songs for us over the Summer.

awaiting photo

The title track of the EP is 'Sing our way home' and the other tracks are a mixture of traditional spirituals and more contemporary gospel songs. We're aiming to launch our EP at our annual Gospel singing conference, Sing 2019, here in Bristol on 12th October. This is open to anyone who loves to sing and loves gospel music, still places available (www.ticketsource.co.uk/gospelgenerationcommunitychoir ) .

Can You Help Our Young Peoples Computer Club?

Would you like to support young people in developing their problem solving skills and building resilience? Avonmouth Community Centre are looking for volunteers (comfortable with a laptop, but no expertise needed) who can offer 1 hr of their time on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly, or similar) to support a new Digi-Local club at the Community Centre.

You don't need to be an expert, just comfortable using a laptop.

Digi-Local will be providing young people with loads of project guides to follow. These will take them through simple animations, through to building cool games. Your role will be to support them if/when they get a bit stuck. The guides have clear step-by-step instructions and examples that you can use with the young people. Training will be provided.

Jac Blacker, Avonmouth Community Centre Manager, 0117 9827445

Tynings Field News

awaiting photo

August … the changeable weather after July … has seen crops being harvested, bees busy, various insects and wild flowers bloom.

We have seen a wild flower called Vipers Bugloss grow rapidly in the field and the bees love it alongside the usual Borage and Knapweed. Knapweed is said to close its petals at night. It's also called Batchelor Buttons and is food for the painted lady butterfly, one of the most prolific in the area.

Tansy we keep down as much as possible as it is harmful to livestock but it is food for the cinnabar moth larvae. These form a sort of bio control by eating the plant.

Vipers Bugloss growing wild in Tynings Field. It's a blue wild flower of the Borage family, a bi-ennial. Vipers Bugloss honey will be available.

Shirehampton Public Hall Newsletter

Huge thanks to everyone who attended our AGM on Tuesday 16th July.

awaiting photo
New trustees from left to right: Esther Giles, Edyta Lang, Norman Routledge and Gail Amphlett.

It was a tremendous success, and the Hall is proud to announce it is under new governance! Welcome to our new Trustees, pictured above. Big thanks must also be extended to all our outgoing Trustees and current volunteers, without whom the Hall simply would not exist. Special thanks, of course, are extended to Janet Thomas, who stepped into the breach to look after our accounts this year after the sudden resignation of the Treasurer last September.

awaiting photo
Defibrillator presentation.

At our AGM the Public Hall was presented with a defibrillator, hopefully to be located on the front of our building for public use. As a grade II listed building we will need specific permission, however it is hoped this will be granted. Huge thanks to William Durman, Peter Kirsen and all their colleagues at GMCA for this hugely appreciated donation.

At our first meeting of the new board of Trustees on 6th August the following officers were appointed: Chair of Trustees: Norman Routledge, Honorary Secretary: Edyta Lang, Honorary Treasurer: Esther Giles.

All of the above may be contacted through the Hall's email, or individually on chair@shirepubhall.org.uk or treasurer@shirepubhall.org.uk.

The Hall has a great future ahead of it!

Free Courses - Autumn 2019

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Stoke Lodge Centre

For the communities of Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills, Shirehampton, Henbury and Brentry

Brush Up Your Maths

This FREE course will give you the opportunity to brush up your maths, for work/home. This course is esp. for adults without a GCSE A*- C grade or equivalent. Find out how to gain a Functional Skills qualification.

Venue: Long Cross Centre, Long Cross, Lawrence Weston BS1 0LP, starts September, Mondays, 9.30 to 11.30am, for 10 weeks. Start date TBC.

Venue: Henbury Court Children's Centre, starts September, Mondays, 9.30 to 11.30am, for 10 weeks.

Please contact Suzanne on 0117 9030072 for more information.

Brush Up Your English and/or English for Work

This FREE course is for people who use English as their first language and who don't have a GCSE A* to C grade /or ESOL learners who have already reached Entry 3 Level plus. Find out how to gain a Functional Skills qualification.

Venue: Long Cross Centre (children's centre), Long Cross, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0LP, starts September, Thursdays, 1-3pm, 10 weeks.

Venue: Sea Mills Children's Centre, Riverleaze, Sea Mills, BS9 2HL, Thursday am, starts September, 9.30 -11.30am, 10 weeks. Other English for Work courses to be planned for 2019.

Computer Skills For Work/Volunteering

Do you want to improve your computer skills to help you find work? Gain skills to help support you with managing Universal Credit. Covers email, using the internet, Word, online applications, CV writing and Excel. Learn skills to help you at home as well.

Venue: Avonmouth Community Centre, 257 Avonmouth Road, Avonmouth, BS11 9EN

Start date: Thursdays, 19th September, 1-3pm for 6 weeks, option of progression to an accredited course at College Green with City of Bristol College.

ESOL For Work, ESOL for Parents, ESOL For Life

ESOL for Life at Avonmouth Children's Centre, starts September, Tuesdays, 9.30 -11.30am, 10 sessions.

ESOL For Work at Brentry Henbury Children's Centre, Thursdays, Autumn term, 12.45 to 2.45pm, for 10 sessions. Start date to be confirmed.

FREE to people on an eligible means tested benefit (or a partner) or earning less than £15736 a year, otherwise fees may apply.

Digital Skills for Work

Do you want to improve your digital skills to help you find work? You learn how to use the Internet to find out about jobs, locate employers on google maps find out about transport to jobs. Improve your computer skills for home or work.

Venue: Avonmouth Community Centre, 257 Avonmouth Road, Avonmouth BS11 9EN

Starts: late February, dates and times tbc. For more information please contact Suzanne on 0117 9030072

Paediatric First Aid

Venue: Long Cross Centre (children's centre) Long Cross, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0LP

Start date and time: 12 hour course, starts Thursday 12th September, 9.30-11.30am, 7 sessions.

Gain a certificate with Indigo Bubble Training.

FREE to people on an eligible means tested benefit or earning less than £15736 a year, otherwise fees may apply. £21 for the Emergency First Aid At Work course and £39 for the Paediatric First Aid course.

Emergency First Aid At Work

Gain a certificate with Indigo Bubble Training.

Venue: Sea Mills Children's Centre, November 7th and 14th, 9.30-1pm, TBC, see fee policy above.

Upcycling Furniture /Repair Cafe

Meets on the first Saturday of the month, 10.30 to 12pm. Blaise Weston Court, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0AF. Are you interested in sharing your skills? Contact Lynne at Blaise Weston Court on 0117 982 2072.

Are you interested in joining an Upcycling Furniture course in the Autumn? Contact Suzanne on 9030072.

Introduction to Finding Work in Cleaning

This short course will support your job search; it will explore different cleaning roles, it will cover COSHH in the workplace, ways to job search and how to prepare a good application. Find out about training and how to apply for work at Southmead Hospital.

Venue: Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, Machin Road, Henbury, BS10 7HG.

Start date and time: Start date TBC, 9.30 -2.30pm, 2 sessions.

Employability and Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

Sector Based Academy course in partnership with Weston College and with interviews with Mears Care, who have vacancies in the Lawrence Weston area. Shifts will include evening and weekends. Find out about other social care jobs available as well. Gain a level 1 qualification, FREE course to adults over 19 years who receive an eligible means tested benefit (or a partner); or who earn less than £15736.

Venue: Ambition Lawrence Weston, Long Cross, Lawrence Weston, BS11 0RX.

Dates and times: Level 1 Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care, 9.30 to 3pm for one week, October. TBC.

Are There Any Other Courses You or Your Community Need?

Some possible options are:-

  • Employability, Level 1 Health Social Care,
  • Family Learning, Level 1 Customer Service,
  • Food Safety,
  • Relaxation for Work/Life,
  • Healthy Cooking on a Budget,
  • Starting a Business,
  • Intro to Coding,
  • Intro to Volunteering,
  • Intro to Working in Catering,
  • ESOL for Work,
  • DIY and Painting,
  • Upcycling Furniture.

Our FREE courses are particularly for adults 19 years+ with few or no qualifications.

For more information please contact Suzanne : Tel. 0117 9030072 or Email: suzanne.gaffney@bristol.gov.uk

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Conversation Clubs

Join a free ESOL English conversation group run by volunteers and supported by Community Learning/venue.

A chance to improve your spoken English, in a friendly informal group. Opportunities to progress to a course.

Venue: Horfield Job Centre, 1-15, Monks Park Avenue, BS7 0UD. Date and time: Friday 1 - 2.30pm. This runs in term time only.

Venue: Junction 3 library, come and practise your English in a friendly atmosphere. Date and time: Monday, 1.15 to 2.15pm. This runs in term time only.

Venue: Stoke Lodge Centre, Shirehampton Road, BS9 1BN. Date and times: term time only, 5.45 -6.45pm.

St. Mary's News ‐  September

awaiting photo

Hi Folks!

Here we are in September, the nights are gradually drawing in again and the dawn is appearing that much later. With the leaves beginning to change colour Autumn is on our doorsteps!

Back on Sunday 21st July we had our Parish Picnic on the Lamplighters Field. Alison and our Youth Worker Amy ran some fun games with prizes for the children, whilst the adults were able to enjoy a relaxing time. It was such an enjoyable event that plans are already being made for a repeat Picnic next year!

  • GLOW ‐ Monday 2nd September

    On Monday 2nd September GLOW starts up again at The Tithe Barn. It runs from 7.15 pm until 8.30pm on the first Monday of the month. It's like Messy Church for 10 to 17 year olds and it's FREE!

  • Art Group ‐ Tuesday 3rd September

    On Tuesday 3rd September the Art Group resumes its activities after the Summer Break at 2.00 pm in the church and on each following Tuesday, joining the Craft Group which continued to meet over August. Pop along and see if it appeals to the artistic skills you perhaps didn't know you had!

  • Golden Oldies ‐ 10.30 am until 11.30 am on Wednesday 4th September

    Golden Oldies continues to be enjoyed by its regular followers and the next session is in St Mary's from 10.30 am until 11.30 am on Wednesday 4th September.

  • Cafe Church ‐ Sunday 8th September at 10.00 am

    On Sunday 8th September at 10.00 am we shall be holding another of our Cafe Church services. It is a Service in a very relaxed form - ideal if you have never come before - which includes food and tea or coffee as part of the service itself. You are welcome to come and join us and find out more about what we do.

  • S.T.O.M.P. Dance Club ‐  Monday 16th September

    S.T.O.M.P. Dance Club resumes again on Monday 16th September at The Tithe Barn from 4 pm until 4.30 pm for children from the age of 3 - 6 years, for those age 7 to 10 years from 4.30 pm untIl 5.30 pm and those age 11 to 17 years from 6.00 pm until 7.00 pm. This is every Monday and is absolutely FREE!

  • Messy Church ‐ TUESDAY 17th September from 3.30pm until 5.00 pm

    Messy Church this month is on TUESDAY 17th September from 3.30pm until 5.00 pm for families with children 0 to 10 years and is held in the Church. Please note the change in day - this is an experiment to see if Tuesday is a success. If it is, it is quite likely it will change to the 3rd Tuesday of each month on a permanent basis. Please keep an eye out on our noticeboards.

Some advance notice for an event we are hosting at the beginning of October. We have a local history group coming in with some film for discussion. More details will be available soon.

Well, that's it again for this month, but before I go I have to tell you this - Sam went to a Prayer Meeting at his local church and said to the Priest I need you to pray for my hearing! The Priest put his hands on Sam's ears and prays and prays. When he was done he said to Sam - How is your hearing now? I don't know said Sam I don't go to Court until next Tuesday!

'Bye for now! C.M.E.

Shirehampton Baptist News

This month we look forward to the induction of our new minister Paul Rhodes.

We are expecting a large number of people from far and near on September 14th at 3 pm. Paul and his wife Kate are already with us and you will soon see them in the village and get to know them.

Mainly Music starts a new term on September 10th and the Cotswold Christian Community meets on Sunday September 8th at the Community Centre, Dursley Road at 4.45pm. We hope to see new faces joining us for friendship, tea and cakes and A thought for the Day

Hello from Shire Methodist

Methodism has its roots in social justice and here at Shirehampton Methodist Church we do not shy away from issues of social, climate and political justice.

Who said politics and religion don't mix? And so we are combining our popular coffee and bacon butty morning on Saturday 7th September from 10am with hosting the local Shirehampton Climate Emergency Group's event Climate Emergency: What Can I Do About It? This is open to all. Then on Saturday 5th October we are planning to host our local MP Darren Jones's Café Politics, where you can come along and talk in an informal setting about local and national issues that matter to you.

You might have spotted some hypocrisy in serving bacon at a climate emergency event! There have been many recent news reports highlighting the link between meat and dairy products and global warming and reduction in biodiversity. This has led us to take action and start a taste test on vegan alternatives to bacon. Why not come along and see if you can taste the difference? We will have both meat and vegan options available.

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of Methodism and social justice, a visit to the New Room (also known as John Wesley's Chapel) in Broadmead is highly recommended: there is an award-winning café there too!

We meet for Morning Worship every Sunday at 11am and on most Sundays there is a group for young people: kiGglle (kids included in God's greatness; learning and leading everyday). Movies on Mondays alternates each Monday with Afternoon Tea. Our guests have recently enjoyed films including The Age of Innocence and the Pursuit of Happyness (not a spelling mistake in the film's title!) and playing scrabble, doing jigsaws, reading the paper and enjoying each other's company.

One of Shirehampton's best-kept secrets can be discovered by visiting our carpark at the back of our Church. Do you know about it? Seven years ago artists Bill and Elaine Guilding painted a wonderful mural on the back wall of our church. Bill is famous for painting the fabulous mural at Stapleton Road Station. Perhaps you helped with the mural or posed as one of the models. Were you one of the young people who had the honour of painting spots on the dog?

We continue to hire out our building to many local groups including the monthly pop-up market, Weight Watchers, the Dragon Club, Shirehampton Planning Group and the Shire Newspaper. If you are interested in hiring our premises please contact Bridget Williams (0117 982 0586).

May God's peace be with you all during September.

Everyone at Shire Methodist

Kings Weston House 300 Years

On Sunday 4th August Kings Weston House celebrated its 300th birthday in style with a free music festival.

The festival was organised by local charities, Stepping Out Theatre and Mind Your Music. 'Kings Weston @300' was a huge success with locals enjoying a wonderful line-up which included top Birmingham Indie band Mighty Mighty, the lovely Love Mice, the fabulous Ultrabeige, the legendary Paul Clarke the incredible Mind Your Music Collective.

awaiting photo
The Love Mice

The event follows on from the success of a one day music festival that the team put on at Kings Weston House last summer. 'Kings Weston @300' doubled the audience from last year.

While the event was free, money was being raised through donations for Mind Your Music and nearly £600 was collected on the day. The charity does valuable, life-saving work promoting better mental health through the creation and performance of music.

Steve Hennessy, founder and CEO of Stepping Out Theatre commented: It was a fantastic day, the sun shone, the music played and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately I was a little over enthusiastic on the dance floor and tore a ligament but I'm consoling myself with the fact it was all in a good cause. We are very grateful to everyone who came along and made it such a brilliant party.

awaiting photo
Mighty Mighty

Sea Mills Annual Flower and Craft Show

The Sea Mills Flower & Craft Show will take place on

Saturday 14th September from 1pm to 4.30pm.

Entry £1 per adult.

This year there will be a variety of

  • music and dance acts alongside community and trade stalls,
  • birds of prey from Secret World Wildlife Rescue,
  • kids nature based crafts courtesy of Sea Mills Community Garden,
  • alongside the flower, vegetable and variety of craft entries displayed in the hall.


Programmes and entry forms (closing date Fri 6th Sept, entry fee applies) are available from

Shirehampton Library, Sea Mills Library and Cafe on the Square as well as online at seamillstogether.org.uk/flowershow.

(Entries are open to all amateurs)


To mark this special centenary year the theme of this year's show is 'The Addison Oak'.

The magnificent oak tree which was planted in June 1919 on Sea Mills Square to mark the start of the building of the garden suburb.


awaiting photo
Ali Vowels

We are delighted to announce that BBC Bristol's Ali Vowles will be attending the show to present the trophies.


Refreshments including cream teas will be available during the afternoon.

The Show is being held at Sea Mills Community Centre behind the library on Sylvan Way.

Postcode BS9 2NQ.


We hope that many Shirehampton residents will enter this year as well as attend the show.

2019 Shire Craft Exhibition - Exhibitors & Stewards information.

Shirehampton annual craft exhibition

Exhibitor, Demonstrator and Stewardship applications

Event times & venue.

Shirehampton Public Hall ‐ Station Road ‐ Shirehampton ‐ BS11 9TX

Tuesday 29th October to Saturday 2nd November 2019

Opening times 10am ‐ 4pm

(Late night Thursday 10am ‐ 8pm)

Application forms (Exhibitors/Demonstrators/Stewards)

Closing date for applications, Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Set up/take down Time table

  • The Hall will be open Monday 28th Oct. 9.00am ‐ 4.00pm for registration of exhibits
  • The Hall will also be open Sunday 27th Oct. 3.00pm ‐ 4.30pm for large items
  • Collection of exhibits will be on Saturday 2nd November 4.45pm ‐ 5.30pm


Charges ‐ No charge on Exhibition Items unless for sale, then charge of 0.50p per item - max of £2.00 for 4 or more items. (These must have been crafted by the exhibitor)

Selling your crafts ‐ 10% will be deducted from item price towards exhibition costs

Demonstrators ‐ we welcome those who would like to demonstrate their crafts ‐ sessions of 3 hours morning and afternoon will be available. Let us know what you would like to demonstrate and what days and times you would like, and we will accommodate if we can.

Stewards ‐ If you would like to help out and steward for a session am or pm 3 hour sessions (if you can't manage 3 hours then what you can offer would be appreciated). If you are exhibiting it would be great if you could steward for a session but it's not compulsory.

Application form

Please do not send any money with this application it will be collected when you register at the Hall.
Printable Craft Exhibition Application form

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo
Put that in your pipe and smoke it...Alice

I'm not altogether sure what species this caterpillar is, but guessed at hawk moth.

What a variety of caterpillars there are when you google them! The colours are stunning and so varied.

Back to my garden though, as the chap in the picture was sent to me by a friend.

I am happy to report that the sparrows are back! And how! They are coming in their droves, (or should that be flocks?!). I am refilling seed and fat balls at an alarming rate.

A friend who lives nearby is currently enjoying nightly visits from a vixen with four healthy cubs! She reports watching the cubs feeding on the food she provides, as mum lies close by, and when they have had enough, she comes over to eat the remains. Seems like mums of all kinds do have similar duties !!!

The wet weather has come along at a time to help our smaller creatures find food. The ground has been so very hard, so at least with the rain that has softened it up.

The tawny owl that is generally across the river from us has been very vocal, and I heard it somewhere close to the house recently. It's lovely to snuggle down in bed to the haunting sound it makes as you drift off to sleep.

Autumn will soon be with us, and again nature will start to prepare for the change of the season, so hopefully we will have different sights and sounds to enjoy. Happy nature watching. Bobbie Perkins

+  Flu Clinic Dates 2019

FLU jab

Shirehampton Health Centre-

  • Saturday 12th October - 08.45 to 10.30
  • Saturday 26th October - 08.45 to 10.30

Capel Road Branch Surgery-

  • Friday 11th October - 14.00 to 15.00
  • Friday 25th October - 14.00 to 15.00

Please come to the Health Centre where you will be directed to the appropriate clinic.

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Carole and Michael Antill  Jane Flook

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for putting the 60th anniversary congratulations to Carole and Michael Antill in the April edition so quickly. It was given in rather late and I was so pleasantly surprised when someone must have worked with some thought to arrange it for the right month of the great day. Again I thank you for a great paper very carefully planned out.

Jane Flook (Thank you for your donation. The Editor.)

 PBA Fun Day  Emma Baldwin

I would just like to drop a note to say thanks for the wonderful edition of the Shire and for the inclusion of the news on the PBA Fun Day.

Much appreciated,

Emma Baldwin

 Support Guide Dogs For the Blind  Dorothy Jenner

One of the staff of Simply Fish, on the High Street in Shire, Asad Norouzi, is running in the Bristol Half Marathon on 15th September in aid of Guide Dogs For the Blind.

He is running because his father, who died a couple of years ago, lost his sight as a child. He never had a guide dog but can see how beneficial it would have been for him. If anyone wants to support him they could pop in to Simply Fish and sign the sponsor sheet up to 15th September.


Dorothy Jenner

 Extra Penhill Photographs on the Web  Elaine Amos

I refer to the article written by Fiona Grinham in the July issue, covering the party held on 8th June at Penhill. This event was held to celebrate this wonderful Residential Home being deservedly recognized with one of the top 20 Recommended Awards given to the South West.

There was one photograph attached to the article, with the promise of more to follow in the August edition of Shire. My Mum is one of the lucky residents at Penhill, and eagerly looked forward to her copy in August. I am sure she is not the only one to be disappointed not to see any of the promised photographs. May l request that they are published in the September issue of Shire.

Shirehampton is fortunate to have such a prestigious establishment within its boundaries, and should be acknowledged, as such, at every opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Elaine Amos

(The manager for the SHIRE Website (eShire) is Les Harrold and he often includes additional Photos on the Web site due to space limitations in the printed version. The extra Penhill photographs are available at www.shire.org.uk, penhill . Ed)

 Re: mystery building adjacent to the M5 Motorway, Lawrence Weston  Christopher M. Eynon

With reference to Greg Spink's letter (last month) concerning the mystery building adjacent to the M5 Motorway, Lawrence Weston, if my memory serves me correctly this is Saltmarsh Pumping Station. Many years ago, when I was a serving Police Officer, I attended because of serious Criminal Damage. Nearly all the windows had been broken and there was also some graffiti on the walls. It came under the control of the Waterworks (Sewage Treatment Works). Access in those days was along a trackway from the Waterworks premises via a tunnel under the M5. Whether it is still there is unknown to me.

Also, I have no knowledge of whether it is still a Pumping Station or has been converted for some other use. Over the years the trees have encroached around the building which at one time was clearly visible.

I hope this answers Greg Spink's curiosity on the building.

Christopher M. Eynon.

Darren Jones MP

As Parliament is in recess Darren has taken the opportunity to have a couple weeks away with his family.

No reply to flies letter…

However, he's been following local issues closely and knows there are still on-going problems with flies in Avonmouth, Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston. Darren's had no reply to his letter, sent back in June to then Environment Secretary Michael Gove, so has followed this up with the new DEFRA Secretary, Theresa Villiers. The letter to government demanded DEFRA review the powers available to the Environment Agency (EA) so they can act more swiftly when regulated industry (such as waste processing plants) don't stick to the rules of their permit. Darren hopes to get a reply soon after Parliament returns in September.

Environment Agency's Big bang theory…

He also met with the Environment Agency and talked through local concern about the flies and the recent fire (and explosions) at Sims Metal Ltd. The EA have met with Sims to review their practices. The EA have advised, they have now made a 'minded to' grant decision on the permit application made by Sims for a pre-shredder at the Avonmouth site. This should significantly reduce the frequency and scale of any explosions. 'Minded to' means that the EA will now consult on the draft decision. That consultation is now live, Darren strongly encourages you to submit any comments you have. Providing there is no new information that would stop the EA confirming their 'minded to' decision, the company would expect to work towards commissioning and full operation by early 2020. Other improvements, including additional acoustic attenuation, that are currently under way, are expected to be completed before Christmas.

Sewage smell apparently comes from sewage…

There have also been several reports of a particularly strong sewage smell across parts of Shire, Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston in early August.

As this is most likely to have come from Wessex Water's sewage treatment works, he's written to them asking what additional plans they have in place over the summer to mitigate this problem.

MP vists food bank…
awaiting photo
Darren Jones MP visits food bank.

Prior to recess, Darren visited Bristol North West Foodbank based in Avonmouth. The foodbank was set-up in March 2011 and provided 6323 emergency three-day food parcels in the last year alone, an increase of 28%. The Foodbank not only gives out food, it also provides signposting help to other services as well as offering access to the Fuel Bank, the Foodbank Advice Service and a cookery and budgeting course. They may also be able to offer home delivery if you are housebound and have a new household goods service if you are in a crisis. Times are tough, so please contact the foodbank if you need any of the services they offer.

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

The first club trophy of the 2019 season was up for grabs on Sunday 28th July.

Named after a Past President of the same name, the Jack Ashton Triples is an annual competition for which teams of three are drawn from hats on the day and bowlers use three woods rather than the usual two each end.

Six teams competed this year, playing three games of forty five minutes duration in an almost round robin - not all teams played all other teams. With two points for a win and one for a draw a good start was important. Some games were close, one was drawn and with the last round of games to play, the team skippered by Gill Hinksman were in front, having won the first two games. It all changed in the final round when they came up against the team skippered by Julie Looker who had won one and drawn one, came out in front to move on to five points and a winning position by just one point.

awaiting photo
Jack Ashton Triples

This year's Jack Ashton Triples winners are - Julie Looker, Howard Surman and Ken Grimes. Runners up - Gill Hinksman, David Hinksman and Ali Weston.

awaiting photo

For the second successive year the Ladies League team finished third in Division Two of the Bristol Ladies League. Just six points behind GB Britton in second place. They can look back on the season with great satisfaction especially the second half of the campaign when they pulled off some notable wins against worthy opponents. The final game was at Greenbank on August 2nd and this resulted in overall victory and a further eight points to sign off the 2019 season in real style.

awaiting photo
It's not everyone who can master the over-arm technique…Howzat!

The season comes to an end with a mixed friendly game at Ardagh on September 28th but there is still plenty of bowling and a major event to come before then. Finals Week-End, September 7th and 8th, will see more finals played than has been the case for many seasons. Competitions which have been running round by round for several months, will come to a conclusion, the winners declared and this years Lady and Gents champions will be decided. A real highlight of the season.

On September 15th the Bohemian Island Club are coming to visit for the first time and there will be a game of bowls on all six rinks. This promises to be a memorable day.

The club now has level two coaches in Gill and David Hinksman. Following a period of training they qualified at the end of July and are now able to coach at club level without external support.

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