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January 2020
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Happy New Year


Stop Press 30-12-2019

Carols On The Green 2019

Photographs by Bob Pitchford

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Shirehampton Santa Dash supported by DIY SOS star Mark Millar

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DIY SOS star Mark Millar with Mama bear and Elf

DIY SOS star Mark Millar helped to support the annual Shirehampton Santa Dash to raise money for the village Christmas lights.

The TV personality kicked off the family-friendly 5km race which saw participants dressed as Santa run a route around Shirehampton.

A children's Elf Sprint, sponsored by the local Mama Bear's Day Nursery and Pre-School, also took place with children up to age five running a shortened course around the field at the Port of Bristol Sports and Social Club (PBA), with the Mama Bear mascot starting the race along with Mark.

Hundreds of participants and spectators turned out to support the festive run, which each year raises money to enhance Shirehampton's Christmas lights with many of them cheering the runners on and offering refreshments.

It was a really family friendly affair with dogs joining in, parents running around with pushchairs and some even dancing their way around!

With the money raised the Christmas lights in Shirehampton are sure to be a hit this year!

Kayleigh Penny, Mama Bear's Day Nursery and Pre-School www.mamabear.co.uk

Father Christmas visits High Street Market.

The December High Street Market had some Christmas sparkle and cheer added for everyone to enjoy.

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A queue had formed outside before 10am with shoppers waiting patiently to do some gift shopping.

Organisers of Shirehampton Markets and their volunteers were wearing Christmas jumpers along with market stall holders too, spreading Christmas cheer. There was Christmas music being played throughout the day to add to the seasonal atmosphere.

There was a surprise visit from Father Christmas who popped in for a couple hours on his day off to get his Christmas shopping done and he loved every minute of it. He was happy to pose for photos with people and chat. With it being Christmas, well we are a child at heart no matter what our age.

Luckily Father Christmas picked up a gift for Mrs Christmas, honey for her baking and chocolate for his elves! We also found out that whilst shopping for fish Father Christmas loves cockles. He almost walked off with a tray of them!

The market remained busy throughout the day and the market kitchen was selling the usual refreshments, cakes including a gluten and dairy free selection. There was also mince pies and alcohol free mulled wine which was very popular. Thank you to the High Street Co-op and Co-op Garage for their donations.

From everyone at Shirehampton Markets including our lovely volunteers and fabulous market trader stall holders we wish you all a Happy New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all at our markets in 2020.

The next High Street Market will be Thursday 9th January at the Tithe Barn, Shirehampton from 10am - 3pm.

Kathryn Courtney

Climate Emergency News

Back in November I attended 24 Hours of Reality: The Global Climate Conversation - Climate Crisis Briefing and Strategy Workshop hosted by Mayor Marvin Rees.

The Climate Crisis Briefing was provided by The Climate Reality Project established by former US Vice- President Al Gore to inform people about what global warming is, how it affects our climate and what impacts that will have on all of us. The presentation made it clear that climate change will bring about chronic flooding in the UK. There will be (and already is) desertification across Africa, the sub-continent and parts of the Americas resulting in food and water shortages. And as marginal populations find they can no longer feed themselves adequately there will be mass migration and ensuing widespread civil unrest.

Not an encouraging picture to begin the New Year with. However, on the other side, we KNOW what can be done and MUST be done to slow global warming by drastically reducing carbon emissions. We have the technology. The Question is: Do we have the WILL.

If we are to make lasting change the most important thing we can do is Keep the Conversation Going. If we are to make a difference and persuade governments to act we must keep Climate Change on our minds, part of every conversation we have.

I took part in the Strategy Workshop which asked what actions local people see as priorities for dealing with climate change in our city. The Mayor will be sending out the results of that discussion and we'll be publishing the recommendations for action here in the Shire.

In December I also attended a conference on The Climate and Our Community hosted by the Mayor of Bristol, Bristol City Council, Bristol Refugee Rights, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol City of Sanctuary. This event focussed on the impact of climate change on people living in Bristol and all over the world as their communities are hit by drought, flood, wildfire and extreme storms. People leaving land that can no longer support them migrate first to the cities in their own or neighbouring countries. If they leave their homeland it will be to migrate to another city. As a City of Sanctuary Bristol will welcome refugees from climate change and their contribution to making Bristol more sustainable and resilient as we adapt to the effects of Climate Change.


January 28th meeting

Daniella Radici of the Bristol Energy Co-op will give a talk on energy efficiency at our regular meeting- Cotswold Community Centre 7:-30 - 9:30. The talk is FREE and everyone is welcome.

Saturday March 7th - Flood Risk in Shirehampton The Climate Emergency Group is hosting a morning on Flood Risk in the Public Hall 10:00 - 1:00. There will be talks from Colin Taylor, Environment Agency Flood Risk Manager and from Patrick Goodey, Bristol City Council Flood Risk Manager. I hope many of you will come.

Public Hall Receives Community Donation.

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Every year the Co-op choose three local organisations to raise funds for from their Local Community Fund.

This year the monies raised were split between Lawrence Weston Out Of School Activities, Lawrence Weston Community Farm and Shirehampton Public Hall Association. Trustees Norman Routledge and Gail Amphlett collected a cheque on behalf of the Public Hall Association.

I want to extend huge thanks on behalf of the Trustees for the generosity shown by the public who contributed to the amazing sum of £6917.43, and to the staff and management at the Co-op for their support over the past twelve months. The money will go a long way towards the renovation of the clock tower and the improvement works to the inside of this wonderful and well-loved community building.

I also want to express huge thanks to the organisers of the Shire Craft Exhibition for their very kind donation of £500 to the hall. This will also be used to renovate and redecorate the hall over the next few years. said Amanda Patterson, Hall Manager.

Kathryn Courtney

Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)

High Street Market Dates Jan - June 2020

  • Thursday 9thJan
  • Thursday 6th Feb
  • Thursday 5th March
  • Thursday 2ndApril
  • Thursday 7th May
  • Thursday 4th June

All 10am - 3pm at The Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0DE

Come Along And Enjoy The Community Spirit. Cheese, Fish, Teas, Cakes, Hot Food, Perfume, Jewellery, Chocolates, Pickles & Jams, Bags and lots more!

Lillian Hobbs, 103 years young

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Lillian aged 4 in 1921 with her mother Blanche, and her grandmother Elizabeth. Lillian aged 21 in 1937.

Lillian Hobbs, celebrated her 103rd birthday on 22nd December with friends and family at Penhill Residential Home, Station Road, which has been her home for the last five years since moving from Bognor Regis to be closer to some of her family.

Lillian was born and grew up in London where her father worked for Lord Beaverbrook as the Company Secretary of Express Newspapers. She trained as an infant teacher and has worked in many different parts of the UK and Australia. She says her most satisfying but exhausting job was running a war-time nurseryschool in Horsham which was open 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year and her most demanding job was running the infant department of a residential school for severe epileptics in Surrey.

awaiting photo
Lillian with her nephew Peter

Lillian has travelled extensively throughout her life, visiting over 25 countries, in an age when it was unusual for a single woman to do so.

In the 1950s she travelled by bus around Australia and New Zealand visiting relatives in South and East Africa on her way home. In the 1960s she toured the USA by Greyhound bus in the pre-Civil Rights era when the bus was segregated and black passengers had to sit at the back.

She visited Israel in 1949 and Palestine 20 years later with organised groups but in 1984 she went alone to see missionary friends in Nepal and Bangladesh.

In the 1980s she made half a dozen trips out to Bratislava to visit a friend. Lillian continued travelling well into her 90s visiting Venice because she had never been on a gongola, Iceland and the Faroe Islands with more youthful relatives. She even went fishing off the Cornish coast when she was 93 and caught mackerel!

The family asked her what she might want to do now she is 103 - but she declined the suggestion of a first parachute jump!

awaiting photo
Says it all Happy Birthday

Lillian thinks her longevity is because she never married and kept travelling.

Lawrence Weston Community Farm

  • Farm Tots ‐  Wednesdays 10.30‐11.30am £2.50

    Help feed the animals. For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.

  • Walking Group ‐ Wednesdays 2-3.30pm

    Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group. If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.

  • Gardening Group ‐ Fridays 11 -12.30pm

    Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.

  • Herbs for Health ‐  First Friday of the Month 11-12.30

    Help sow and grow a range of herbs and learn about their uses. Have a go at using them for cooking and wellbeing. Meet new people and spend time outside. These sessions are for people living locally to the farm. Free. No experience necessary. Contact Kerry@lwfarm.org.uk 0117 9381128

  • Woodland Skills 2020

    Meet other people, enjoy being outside, gain confidence. Have a go at whittling, fire making, weaving, using tools and more on this 6 week course. To book a place call Kerry on 0117 9381128 or kerry@lwfarm.org.uk. This course is aimed at people with few or no qualifications or living with mental health issues.

Public Hall Update

We have recently volunteered to become Trustees of the wonderful Public hall and are very grateful for all the fantastic work that has been done by those before us to get to the position we are now in.

The previous trustees have delivered a great business plan, with ideas and designs to take the hall forward.

We have the community plan to work from, which is guiding our thinking, and John Boss from BCC continues to show great enthusiasm and guidance for the project.

The Continuing Vision

  • We want to make the Public hall beautiful, so that all our local people (and more) really want to be part of the fun there, and use the building a lot more.
  • Along with the new toilet block and designs already in place, we feel there need to be modern facilities (great Wi-Fi, sound and lighting systems, etc) and the hall needs to be magnificent again (Gail is particularly keen on chandeliers in the main hall).
  • There needs to be a proper bar to encourage more events there, with better catering facilities to allow full dining to take place.
  • All the different rooms need to be smartened up, cables hidden, and colour schemes chosen.
  • We need the reception into the hall to be friendly, open, warm and welcoming. The voice activated door is hardly that at the moment!
  • We would like to help FOSL, and the library staff to make the most of the library, and the services offered there to set them up as the best they possibly can be for the future.
We are lucky to have so many community groups using the hall, and want to encourage more of the same.

Please do come and talk to Amanda about what your group might do here.

The Building Lease

Previous trustees have negotiated a wonderful lease with Bristol City Council, where they pay all the running cost bills.

This lease, however, runs out in 2032, and as BCC have little resource, the hall is suffering from underinvestment.

A recent condition report highlights nearly £400k’s worth of repairs that are needed/required.

We have the option of taking on a new 35-year lease, where we have more control, and are in discussion with John Boss from BCC to see how that might work, without us losing the benefits we currently enjoy. Watch this space.

We Need Your Help

There are currently four trustees, and we have identified that we need help in the following areas, so if you (or somebody you know and can persuade) can help, then please get in touch.

  1. We need somebody that has some experience in fundraising.
    • This isn’t to do the applications, but to guide us as to what needs to be done.
  2. We want to be a good employer and;
    • somebody with HR skills would strengthen our board.
  3. We have already had a user group meeting and;
    • we are seeking nominations from our lovely user groups to represent them on the board.
  4. Somebody with great communication (marketing) skills would really help us to get the word out there.
    • Once we have a magnificent Public Hall, then we want everyone to know and use it.

Please Get Involved

The hall is for the benefit of everyone, and is much loved. We are going to do our very best over the next few years to make it as good as we can.

Please do get involved, put forward your ideas, and let us know what you think.

Amanda is the hall manager, and can be contacted on shirepubhall@yahoo.co.uk.

Best regards,

Gail, Esther, Edyta and Norman

(Shire Hall trustees)

Friends of Shirehampton Library

We shall be holding a session on Thursday 23rd January from 6pm till 8pm with Liz Napier, local History and Genealogy expert, who will show attendees how to access for free the Ancestry website via the Bristol Libraries network.

She will then be able to demonstrate how to use the website to research your own family history. It will be of great benefit if you can bring along any information about your family's history you might already have.

We shall be hosting a series of events in future months, including talks from local historians, and (hopefully) local authors too. Watch this space.

Many thanks

John Hastings

Bee Happy Shire 2020

This year we are launching Bee Happy Shire - we are a group of enthusiasts who wish to make Shirehampton a Pollinator Friendly Village.

awaiting photo

All our pollinators are under threat and it turns out that the urban environment is a sanctuary where pollinators can thrive. We will carry on the great work that Get Bristol Buzzing started and plant pollinator friendly flowers that blossom from early spring through to late autumn.

Please come and join us for Bee Happy Shire's first Planting Party event on 4th April 2020 to sow native wildflower seeds in Shirehampton. The summer event will be to plant a Calendar Garden and the autumn party will be for planting early spring flowering bulbs.

If you have a window box, a planter or a square meter of garden that you would like to plant with pollinator friendly native wildflowers please get in touch through Facebook at Bee Happy Shire and we will provide seeds and expertise to get you going on the 4th April 2020.

PBA News

The AGM was held on Thursday 14 November and was attended by 60 members. New officers were elected or re-elected and the committee consists of:

  • Alex Richards, Chairman
  • Lin Eyles, Secretary
  • Emma Baldwin, Treasurer
  • Mike Fisher, Social
  • Lis Davies, Bowls
  • Clive Davies, Skittles

At the AGM, Alex Richards gave an overview together with a presentation of where we are with the new structure/lease of the club and what we are all working towards to make sure that the PBA Club is set for the future and prosperity for years to come.

2020 membership renewals

It was agreed at the AGM that all memberships will increase to £26 for adults and £13 for juniors (under 18s) as from 1 January. On receipt of your subscription you will be issued with a 2020 membership card. To qualify for benefits of becoming a member you will be required to show your card.

Benefits of being a member

  • Lower price of 2 tier tariff at the bar (being introduced in the New Year)
  • Lower price on tickets for entertainment events
  • Free New Year's Eve tickets
  • Lower hire charges for our ballroom/skittle alley

Above are the member savings that can be made now. We are always looking at other benefits for our members, so watch this space for future announcements.

We will be introducing regular news updates via email and surveys to our members. This will assist us in establishing, and where possible, implementing what our members want from the PBA Club.

Ballroom decoration

In the second week of January our ballroom will receive a much needed decorating overhaul.

Funds to finance this project have been raised through the weekly draw held at the club every Sunday. Following the ballroom, the next phase of decorating will be the lounge area and the weekly draw will remain to help fund the decorating and refurbishment projects.

Activities held at the PBA Club

Each of the different activities taking place at the club are always looking for new participants to join them.

If you are interested in any of these there is skittles, bowls, line dancing, Zumba, martial arts, bingo, darts and youth football. There are also weekly meetings for the stroke club every Thursday and every third Tuesday in the month PBA pensioners.

The PBA Club committee would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020

Happy New Year

Lin Eyles, Cub Secretary (Email secretary@pbaclub.co.uk)

Avonmouth Ladies Club

As from 1st January 2020 St. Andrews Ladies Club will be known as;

Avonmouth Ladies Club


January 7Beetle DriveClub Event
January 21 History of Quilting Gail Amphlett
February 4 Gutunberg to Gates Roy Ackrill
February 18 Cadbury Frys Pick'n'Mix Hugh Evans
March 3 Buttons and Tassels workshop Sue Davey
March 17 Charity Bring and Buy Auction Club Event
April 7 Flannel folding workshop Ann Gregory
April 21 Medical Detection
May 5 Customs & Excise in 24 objects Mark Bullen
May 19 Freewheelers Mark Green
June 2 Summer Outing TBC

Chosen charity of 2020/21 is FREEWHEELERS

Shirehampton Methodist Church

Hello and Happy New Year from Shire Methodist

Every January, many Methodist churches hold a covenant service; it's a bit like us making our New Year's resolutions.

Many of us consider it the most important and fulfilling church service of the year. We celebrate what God has been doing in our lives and promise to try to do what God wants for us, during the coming year: helping other people, looking after our world and spending time building our relationship with God. We will hold our covenant service on Sunday 19th January from 11am, followed by lunch in the hall. Anyone is welcome to share in a covenant service. You will be welcome, whether you are sharing in a covenant service for the first time, have done it annually for many years, or simply want to watch what others do without taking part yourself.

Our Monday afternoons are going to change a bit, starting in January. We'll be meeting for Afternoon Tea every Monday from 2pm until 4pm. Everyone is welcome to come along for a chat, a drink and snack, a game, a craft activity, or just a change of scene for reading a newspaper or magazine or to do the crossword. Afternoon Tea is held in the hall, the entrance is via the white door, which is nearest our car park on Penpole Avenue.

We held another celebratory church service back in November, our church anniversary. It's amazing to think of all the people who have worshipped together as Shirehampton Methodist Church, for almost 150 years, after which we enjoyed a lunch together . One of the highlights was the unveiling of a wooden cross, created by Chris and Lee from the ALFA charity in Shirehampton, which supports people with learning difficulties/disabilities to develop new skills, including woodwork. The beautiful wood, used to create the cross, was originally our communion rail, which was taken out to make the space more accessible. It was very moving thinking of all the people who had attended the church over many years whose hands might have touched that piece of wood. Of course, the service wouldn't have been complete without singing the hymn Lift High the Cross!

Another notable service, which occurred before this news went to press in December, was the Christingle Service held at the Cotswold Community Centre by the Cotswold Christian Community. It was a wonderful gathering of many local people, and Christians from many different local churches. Thank you to everyone who organised the event and took part on the day.

May God's peace be with you all during 2020.

Everyone at Shire Methodist

St. Mary's News ‐  January

awaiting photo

Hi Folks!

A happy New Year to you all and may it be a peaceful one!

So here we are into 2020 with another Government in power and will Brexit be sorted out? It all seems like a mystery story. As a friend has just said to me we shall all have 20/20 vision this year!!

Regrettably, I should report that during one of our Morning Coffee Sessions in the Church in December, one of our male volunteers had his coat stolen from the Coat Rack in the lobby leading to the toilets. The Coat Rack has now been moved into the church where all the jackets and coats are now in sight. Please be watchful of your property and don't leave handbags or valuables unattended on tables.

We have also had individuals removing food from the drop off point for the local Food Bank, so this has now been moved further into the building in sight of the Office window. and the Lord taketh away…

Please continue to donate food items in the boxes provided as they are gratefully received by those in need.

Our Coffee and Tea mornings resume after the Christmas break on Thursday 2nd January and on this day will be from 10.00 am until 10.45 am as at 11.00 am we will be holding our usual mid week Holy Communion Service.

  • Tot Stop ‐ Tithe Barn at 1.15 pm Monday, 6th January

    Tot Stop resumes in the Tithe Barn at 1.15 pm Monday, 6th January much to the delight of some excited young people.

  • The Golden Oldies ‐ 10.30 am on Wednesday 8th January

    The Golden Oldies singing group will be resuming their New Year activities in the church at 10.30 am on Wednesday 8th January - please come if you haven't been before! The session then resumes to its normal slot of the first Wednesday of the month.

  • BLAST COMIC CLUB ‐ 10.00 am on Sunday, 12th January

    BLAST COMIC CLUB restarts at The All Age Holy Communion Service at 10.00 am on Sunday, 12th January - ideal for youngsters who would rather not listen to Sermons!

  • STOMP ‐ Monday 13th at the Tithe Barn

    STOMP resumes on Monday 13th at the Tithe Barn for children of the following ages: 3 to 6 years - 4.00 pm until 4.30 pm. 7 to 10 years - 4.30 until 5.30 pm.11 to 17 years - 6.00 pm until 7.00 pm.

  • Youth at the Barn ‐ Tuesday, 14th January from 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm

    Youth at the Barn starts again at the Tithe Barn on Tuesday, 14th January from 7.00 pm until 8.30 pm. Please pass this information on to your friends!

  • West Bristol Concert Band ‐ Monday, 27th January at 7.30 pm

    On Monday, 27th January at 7.30 pm there is to be a Winter Concert with the West Bristol Concert Band together with the South Bristol Big Band. Tickets are price £5.00 on the door with £2.00 concessionary fee. Tea & Coffee will be served during the Interval.

We hope that you are able to join us. 'Bye for now!


Shirehampton Baptist Church

As I write this the Christmas celebrations have just begun. The Christingle and Carols at the CotswoldCommunity Hall went well. It was good to have people from all the churches in the village and the community taking part. We do not have the opportunity to meet together often but another occasion to look forward to will be the Easter March of Witness.

Another celebration took place at Mainly Music when our Minister and his wife bravely narrated the Nativity story with the help of thirty toddlers.

Our session ended on December 10th with a party and a visit from Father Christmas.

The new term starts on January 7th. When we arrive at a New Year some will make new Year resolutions - to diet, stop smoking, a new hobby maybe jogging. All very good but may I suggest another one - start reading the Bible, a book whose contents have changed lives throughoutthe centuries. There are many translationsavailable and you can read it on Kindle. There are folk in all the Churches who can help you find the right one and if needed to help understand it. We in Shirehampton Baptist wish all readers a Happy and peaceful 2020

Community Learning- NORTH BRISTOL

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Paediatric First Aid

Avonmouth Children's Centre, starts Thursday 9th January, 9.30-11.30am for 7 weeks.

FREE course for adults aged 19 years who (or a partner) receive an eligible means tested benefit otherwise fees may apply.

Emergency First Aid At Work

Avonmouth Children's Centre, Thursdays 5th and 12th March, 9.30-1pm for 2 weeks.

Henbury and Brentry Children's Centre, Thursdays 19th and 26th March, 9.30-1pm for 2 weeks.

FREE course for adults aged 19 years who (or a partner) receive an eligible means tested benefit otherwise fees may apply.

Functional Skills Maths

Henbury Court Children's Centre, starts Monday 6thJanuary, 9.30-11.30am, runs until end June/early July.

Four Villages/Long Cross Children's Centre in Lawrence Weston, starts Monday 13thJanuary, 9.15 to 11.30am to end June/early July.

FREE course to adults aged 19 years plus who are eligible and who do not have a GCSE A* - C grade in maths and who want to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Learners need to be at Entry Level 3 and above.

Functional Skills English

Sea Mills Children's Centre, starts Thursday 16thJanuary, 9.30-11.30am to end June/early July.

Four Villages/Long Cross Children's Centre in Lawrence Weston, starts Thursday16thJanuary, 1-3pm to end June/early July.

FREE course to adults aged 19 years plus who are eligible and who do not have a GCSE A* - C grade in English and who want to gain a nationally recognised qualification. Learners need to be at Entry Level 3 and above.

ESOL for Everyday English

Avonmouth Children's Centre, starts Tuesday 14thJanuary, 9.45- 11.45am, for 10 weeks

FREE course for adults aged 19 years who (or a partner) receive an eligible means tested benefit otherwise fees may apply.

Suitable for Entry Level 1 and 2 learners.

Intro to Office Skills

An intermediate course including Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Find out about how to apply for a 5 day work placement in a Bristol City Council team.

Ambition Lawrence Weston/Lawrence Weston Youth Centre, starts Tuesday 3rdMarch, 9.30-12.30pm, for 5 weeks.

FREE course for adults aged 19 years plus, suitable for adults with few or no qualifications.

Intro to Finding Work in Catering

Henbury and Brentry Community Centre, starts Thursday 5thand 12thMarch, 9.30-2.30pm.

FREE course.

Intro to Finding Work in Cleaning

Details to follow

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo
Chunky Pigeon dot com

A plump wood pigeon feasting on the berries on our cotoneaster. Not quite in the league of our departed cherry tree, but needs must!

We have tempted in the long-tailed tits, with a peanut feeder for the winter, and a few days ago a wren called in too! The first for a long time.

Yesterday, two separate friends told me they had witnessed a sparrow hawk successfully hunt down a pigeon in their respective gardens. One was in the heart of Shire village, the other in the heart of Stoke Bishop. These birds are incredible raptors. Swift and deadly!

A few hedgehogs have been seen as recently as the end of November, so my friends have continued to put some food out until they stopped visiting.

We had a large flock of lapwings performing an amazing aerial display a couple of weeks ago. Always a delight to watch.

Spring will be just around the corner. Bring it on I say!!

Happy nature watching folks, and Happy 2020. Bobbie Perkins.

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Shirehampton Sea Cadets Ken Sharp

Dear Editor,

Are there any cadets from 1957-61 around?

I remember Deacy, Teague, Webb, De Sousa, Jan Francis.

Please reply if you remember those days when Ben Turner was CO, and Charlie Squires was on site Chief.

Ken Sharp kensharp96@gmail.com

 Craft Exhibition Ed & Gail Amphlett


A big thank you to Shire Newspaper for their excellent coverage of the recent craft exhibition, especially Judy Helme and Bob Pitchford. The support of Shire has been a contributing factor in making the exhibition the success it has become.

We are a small, completely voluntary organisation that comes together each year to organise and run the whole event (we are always looking for more volunteers!!!). We strife to keep our running costs to a minimum and any surplus we make we reinvest in the Exhibition or put back into the community.

This year after a few years of saving our surpluses in the expectation of large rent rises, we now have sufficient to cover these expectations as well as being able to pass on some of the surplus to other local organisations.

This year we will be donating £500 to the Public Hall, if not for the Hall we would not exist and they are in need of lots of support to get the building into a more viable condition for the local community. Also we are donating of £500 to the Christmas Lights Appeal. Again it's great to see local people investing in their local community.

Hope to see you all again next October/November half term - put the date in your new diaries.

Happy New

Ed & Gail Amphlett

 A big thank you from the 191st Bristol St Mary's Scout Group.

Dear Editor,

The 191st Bristol St Mary's Scout Group would like to say a huge thank you to the Co-op and it's customers, who have raised £2,539.61 for the Group. Over the last 12 months the money has been raised through the Co-op membership scheme and will be used for improvements to the Scout Hut on St Mary's Road.

awaiting photo
Co‐op Community fund donation £2539.61

Leaders were delighted to receive a cheque from the Co-op, for this amount recently.

Many thanks 191st St Mary's Scout Group

 excellent work by the Council's Parks department.‐John Knight

Dear Editor,

I agree with Gil Osman's letter in the December Shire' regarding the excellent work by the Council's Parks department at Lamplighter's Marsh. Work is agreed in advance with one of the Council's ecologists, which is why some areas may have stinging nettles, ragwort and other plants to support butterflies. The open areas have caused some comment that the nature reserve is starting to look like a park, but generally it has met with approval. Some of the heavier overgrown areas have been cleared by the Friends of Lamplighter's Marsh (FOLM) with hand tools and, professional battery-powered tools purchased with generous grants from Tesco Bags Of Help, People's Post Code Lottery and Greggs. Those grants have also paid for free expert-led community walks during the summer, as well as the bee bank that will be rebuilt. FOLM carry out regular litter picking in the nature reserve. Money from the construction of the Park & Ride extension - known as Section 106 - is used by the Council to pay for ecology surveys in the nature reserve and, has just funded a new bench in the outfall area and another picnic bench beyond the former sludge loading dock. The Parks department and FOLM are an excellent example of how local authorities and voluntary groups can work well together for the community.

John Knight

SCAF and former FOLM Secretary

What do you get in one year if you take……

  • 6 editors
  • 1 chairperson
  • 1 secretary
  • 1 treasurer
  • 1 distribution manager
  • 1 postal distribution organizer
  • 1 advertising manager
  • 6 counters
  • 60 /70 distributors
  • 1 designer
  •    2 photographers
  • 1 manager and
  • 1 archivist

The answer is 12 Amazing editions of the newspaper:-

  • delivered to the doors of 5000 homes and businesses in the Shirehampton area Plus
  • posted to 20 addresses further afield both in the UK and across the world Plus
  • the online version.
awaiting photo
The Committee + Editors + Counters + Deliverers + more = SHIRE newspaper

The Shire newspaper has been produced for 48 years.

That's 576 editions, in excess of 200,000 copies and it is hoped that this will continue for years to come BUT fresh blood is needed.
Perhaps YOU would like to be involved in a paper that will be celebrating its Golden Anniversary in 2022!
Your enthusiasm, interest and fresh ideas would be welcomed.
To be a counter you need to be able to count to 20 and be available from 3pm for approximately one hour on the last Friday of the month when we meet in the Public Hall.
To be a distributor you would need to be able to deliver to a number of houses in your area.
To edit you need a computer/laptop and the ability to put together an interesting read from the many articles/emails we receive every month from residents of Shirehampton and the surrounding area. Someone will work alongside you in the first instance.
To manage the advertising you need to have a computer/laptop and be able to work with advertisers and our designer using email, word processing and spreadsheet software to ensure a good balance between editorial and advertisements. Someone will work along side you in the first instance.
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Jeff, Kath, Sandra, Dot and Bobbie, part of the Counters
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   If you would like to find out more please come and meet some of us, have a coffee and a chat on Saturday 18 January 2020, between 10 and 12 at the Methodist Church Hall.

You are also very welcome to come along any of our monthly, informal meetings which are held on the first Monday of the month in the Methodist Church Hall, starting at 5.30 pm always over by 6.30 pm but sometimes earlier. The dates of the next two meetings are 6 January 2020 and 3 February 2020, or email chairperson@shire.org.uk with your name and contact number.

Shire Colts

Shire Colts are the oldest junior football team in Bristol North West, having been formed in 1978.

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We're a Charter Standard Club, and our year group coaches are FA qualified. This year we were delighted to hear from some of the original team that started the club back in the seventies, many of whom went on to become well-known in the local football community.

From small beginnings in 1978, and having celebrated our fortieth anniversary in 2018, we are pleased to report that the club continues to grow in size, with approximately 270 children aged between 6 and 16 years old representing the club every week. Last summer we added over 50 children to the club, and we try our best not to turn anyone away. We have routes into local adult football, and at younger levels we have recently had boys sign for both local clubs Bristol City and Rovers. In recent years we've also been proud to see teams reach their respective Gloucester County Cup Finals, and we hope to continue this success in future years to come.

We're proud to represent Shirehampton and local areas, with our younger teams continuing to play at Sea Mills Recreation Ground, while our older groups play at Cribbs FC. This year we raised a significant amount of money to put a new roof on the clubhouse at Sea Mills - thanks to the efforts of our club members, and we have plans to further improve the facilities.

Twyford House Cricket Club

Established in 1947, Twyford House Cricket Club, locatedatShirehampton Recreation Ground, on Penpole Lane, has been offering cricket in the local community for generations.

2019 was yet another successful year for this thriving cricket club running 4 adult sides on a Saturday, youth sides for boys and girls from All Stars (5?8 years), under 9s, 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s and 19s and in 2019 launching one of the first ladies' cricket teams in Bristol.

2020 promises to be another very exciting season for the cricket club.

Men's Cricket

Having consolidated their position in the West of England Premier League (Bristol& NorthSomerset) in 2019, theFirst teamcaptained by Chris Taylor (formerly of GloucestershireCCC and the England fielding coach) will be pushing for the titlein2020.

TheSecond teamwon the Fourth division title of the Bristol and District League in 2019 and were duly promoted to Division 3. Led by veteran Andy Nairn they will be looking to build on their success.

With four titles in 4 years, theThird teamcannot stop winning. Now promoted into Division 11 they will look to continue climbing the divisions under the leadership of Mike Pierce.

TheFourth teamprovides opportunities for players of all abilities in the 30 over league. With a keen focus on bridging the gap between youth and adult cricket, Sean Neville will once again lead from the front.

Ladies' Cricket

Coached by club Chairman Gary Ballwho has been part of the club for nearly 40 years, theLadies' Teamhas been a massive success since its launch in 2019. With over 25 players turning up to practice sessions the first ever ladies' game at Twyford House took place in August 2019. Summer 2020 will look to build on that success with the club keen to attract more ladies to the sport.The ladies even start playing in an indoor cricket league from January!

Youth Cricket

Twyford House would not be experiencing its current success without having invested in its youth section over many years. The 2019 season saw several youth players making their First Team debuts and exceeding expectations.

Twyford House prides itself on being a friendly and welcoming club and continues to invest in youth cricket. With ECB qualified coaches, regular coaching sessions and matches, our youth teams' welcome players of all abilities.

In addition to all the cricket being played at Twyford House the club's committee has been working hard to redevelop the clubhouse. Significant investmenthas been secured whichhas ensured extensive renovation of the changing rooms, kitchen and bar area ready for the 2020 season. The club welcomes members of the community to come and enjoy the newfacilities, sit in the sun and watch the cricketin 2020.

For more detailed information including Winter Training times please emailtwyfordhousecricketclub@gmail.com

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

After a summer of keen competition and the finals days in September came the sparkling event that is club finals evening.

This year's event took place on Friday 15th November and was attended by forty-six bowlers, their families and friends.

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I can win the bet if I poke my tongue out
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New names were inscribed on some trophies this year. David Garrod won his first four wood title - the Bill Deakin Novice. Mary Lomas, with Dee Crawley was a winner in the Ladies Pairs and Julie Looker won the Sid Holmes Handicap. Shirley Callaghan was runner up in three competitions - quite an achievement.

Winning the Ladies and the Gents four Wood Singles entitles the successful bowlers to play in next seasons Champion of Champion competition. This is a competition played at county level, potentially leading to a national final at Leamington Spa. This year's winners, a copy of last year were Julie Looker and Ken Davies.

There is a club competition, introduced last year to determine the club overall champion. Ladies Winner against Men's Winner The Presidents Cup. This year's winner was Ken Davies.

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Ken Davies receiving the Presidents Cup
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Ken Davies accepting the wooden spoon on behalf of Hits and Misses

There is a trophy that nobody wants The Wooden Spoon for the team finishing bottom of the Monday night League. This year's recipients were Hits and Misses and it was Ken Davies who received it in the absence of Captain Brian Crawley.

Presentations, with two exceptions, were made by Club President David Hinksman, who opened by thanking all who entered a competition this year and in doing so made the night possible.

What's on at the club?

In January there will be an indoor bowls match against Begbrook on the 18th and on the 26th a Sunday Evening Social, a big favourite, a Beetle Drive.

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