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August 2019
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Clean air zone for Bristol

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Flies for Avonmouth…

MPs report

Shire Craft Exhibition ‐ 2019


Yes it's that time of year again, a bit later than usual, but I hope not too late to remind you that the Shire Craft Exhibition opens on ‐

Tuesday 29th October ‐ Saturday 2nd November daily from 10.00am till 4.00pm

with a late night on Thursday till 8.00pm

(entrance fee £1.00 concessions 0.50p, accompanied children free)

We look forward to welcoming all our regular contributors and hopefully some new ones.

As per last year if you are just exhibiting and not selling there will be no charge, exhibiting and selling a small charge (more information on the booking forms).

Look out for the application forms in September or if you would like us to send you an application form contact us, details below.

There will be lots of things to see and do in the Hall including the kids annual hunt also look out for the village hunt with a Rabbit theme this year.

We have a small lively committee that meets a few times before the Exhibition to sort things out. We are particularly keen to spread the word far and wide and would welcome help with our publicity. If you think you could help contact either Ed or Gail details below

email gail.amphlett@hotmail.com or telephone 07776 170 053.


Shirehampton Markets…

The Shirehampton Community Plan includes many things the community would like to see happen.

One in particular is an outdoor or indoor market. The exciting news is Shirehampton will see a selection of markets opening very soon!

outdoor market on the back burner

We may have been forced to put the outdoor market on the back burner due to Bristol City Council Parking Services wanting to charge a large sum of money for using the site we chose for the market each month. However we have not given up and we now have our licences to run the High Street Market and, the added bonus, we will also be running a number of themed annual markets. These markets are not only for the community in Shirehampton but also for the communities in Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills, Kings Weston, Coombe Dingle and Stoke Bishop. We also want to support our own High Street traders with our markets. Here are the dates so far for you all to mark in your diaries for this year.

Shirehampton High Street Markets will be held at The Tithe Barn, High Street, Shirehampton on Thursdays 5th September, 3rd October, 14th November, 3rd December, 10am ‐ 3pm.

The themed markets for this year are being held at The Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton on Saturdays 3rd August for the Arts And Crafts Market and 5th October for the Health And Wellbeing Market. Both from 10am ‐ 3pm.

Additional themed markets will be 'Cultural', 'Sustainable', 'Gardens' and 'Christmas'. More dates for all the markets taking us through 2020 will be announced in due course.

We have spent most of this year doing research…

We have spent most of this year doing research, liaising with many traders for the main market, and dealing with mounds of paperwork. The main High Street Market is being held on a Thursday as many of the stalls we want can't do Saturdays due to other work commitments. The core organisers are Ash Bearman from SCAF, Katherine Birth and myself. However, we want to say a big thank you to Shirehampton Community Plan Steering Group, many of Shirehampton's shop keepers and traders, local Councillors Don Alexander and Jo Sergeant, Eric Dougall, Robin Haward, Jake Tovey, St. Nicholas Markets, Amanda Parsons from the Public Hall, Eleanor, Phil and Helen from St. Mary's Church, Ed and Gail Amphlett from the Craft Exhibition, and to the Market Traders and our volunteers now and in the future for their help, support, encouragement and interest in what we wish to achieve for the High Street and our communities. Without them Shirehampton Markets would not be a reality.

We look forward to seeing you at the markets and don't forget to tell your family, friends and colleagues about us. We have listened to you and hope the markets will bring a smile to your face and pleasantly surprise you,so please make sure you visit the markets to shop, as well as venturing into our High Street.

You can find regular updates at www.facebook.com/shirehamptonmarkets or send an email to shirehamptonmarkets@outlook.com

Kathryn Courtney.

The Good Life in Shirehampton

I expect that many Shire residents can remember a time when milk was delivered in glass bottles. If you're awake at 3am you might still hear the quiet hum of a milk float as the milkman does his deliveries. We know that it's a he, and that it's 3am as we have a one year and a three year old and have spent more time awake at night than we'd like lately!

When we moved to Shire we decided to start having our milk delivered. We don't have a car so carrying heavy, cold bottles back from the shop isn't ideal, and with the kids time is short and running out was always an option. Now Milk and More drop off a few pints every few days, though it does cost us more.

The kids have driven the change, as when we thought about the climate emergency they'll be dealing with we decided the cost was worth it. Milk in glass bottles is nothing new, and has massively cut down the amount of plastic in our recycling bin.

We are so lucky to live in Shire, where (amongst many other things that we love) we know our milk is safe until it gets brought in for breakfast, and that empties stay put until collection. I don't suppose it would be so straight forward in town.

We're being told we need to make changes to our lifestyle and our buying habits for our kids and grand‐kids' futures. It's interesting that a lot of those changes just involve remembering what we did before plastic arrived!

The three year old is certainly fully supportive. She just loves getting a spoon and scooping the thick layer of cream from the top of the full fat bottles ‐ delicious and guilt free!


Keep Shirehampton Litter Free.

Litter is a problem everywhere. In our cities, towns and villages but is it an issue in Shirehampton and if so what can we do about it?

awaiting photo

Barbara works in one of the local High Street shops. I think the litter problem in Shirehampton is awful. I am quite disgusted by the mess I see everywhere. People just drop their litter on the floor and think the litter fairies are going to pick it up. I sweep up outside the shop every day but it makes no difference even with a litter bin around the corner. And if you ask anyone to pick up their own litter they've just dropped you are met with abuse.

Maybe a few more bins in Shire might be the answer. I don't know. If I can't find a bin when I'm out I take my litter home with me and put it in the bin there. Maybe this is something others should do too? We can all do our bit for Shire and lead by example. If children see an adult drop litter in the street they follow the example and do the same because the child is led to believe that it's ok. We all need to take responsibility for the mess and not leave it to others to clear up.

Ash Bearman is from SCAF. We organise litter picks on a regular basis around Shirehampton and try and encourage children and adults to help out as well as learn about solving our litter problem in the area. Our litter picks are widely publicised and we hope it sends a message to some to not drop their litter in the streets. It makes Shire look unsightly, there are health and safety issues and it's bad for our pets and the wildlife.

Children and adults of all ages are equally responsible. If you can't find a bin take it home to recycle or put in your own bin. We need to take a bit more pride in Shirehampton as the litter problem is making our village look grotty. We can't go out litter picking everyday and each and every one of us can do our bit to keep Shirehampton litter free and tidy once again.

Kathryn Courtney

Notice of AGM Avon (University Settlement) Community Association.

The Annual General Meeting of A(US)CA, a long running local charity which runs the Shire Advice Service, will take place on Wednesday 11th September at 7.15pm in the Tithe Barn, Shirehampton. We welcome everyone who would like to learn more of the free advice service we offer.

Tynings Field News

The 30th June was a scorching Sunday when the weather was too hot to be borne and the sheep were all shorn.

Except they were goats. We were joined by Street Goat again for bramble clearance and 6 runners from Good Gym Bristol who stick into weeds and bramble like this is the last gym circuit they will do. Caroline, Andy, Ruth all joined the maintenance team at the field and whilst Caroline and Good Gym moved a large chicken run 500 metres lifting it over a fence, Andy cut grass and Ruth nettles.

Then it was time to de root large thistles.

All growing members are needed to be 100 percent involved in maintaining the field because in our Constitution it states we are a team so... There will be even more challenging workdays to come during the coming months which set us apart from the standard council allotment.

Tynings Field are hosting a 5k run followed by half hour weeding. 2pm Sunday 1st September.£5 to join help us raise funds for the field Meet by the gate of the field. An hour of adrenaline.

AND There will be a Tynings Field meeting on Saturday 7th September at 8:30 pm in the PBA.

New Project Manager for LWOOSA and SOOSA

The Management Committee at Lawrence Weston & Shirehampton Out of School Activities.

(LWOOSA/SOOSA) would like to welcome Rita Rich back to her roots. Rita took over as the new Project Manager on 1st June. During her first week Rita told children & staff at After School Club ‐ 'It feels as if I have come home'. Rita has worked with children & their families for over forty years in Education, Social Care & Voluntary Groups as a worker & volunteer. We really appreciate funding from the Nesbitt Trust that has given us the opportunity to create this new post. If you would like further information about After School Clubs & Holiday Play Schemes for children 4‐12 years of age. Tel 0737952005 Email: lwoosa@gmail.com

Activities at Lawrence Weston Community Farm

awaiting photo
Farm Tots
Wednesdays 10.30‐11.30am £2.50
Help feed the animals.
For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.
Walking Group Wednesdays 2‐3.30pm
Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group. If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.
Gardening Group Fridays 11 ‐12.30pm
Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.
Herbs for Health First Friday of the Month 11‐12.30
Help sow and grow a range of herbs and learn about their uses. Have a go at using them for cooking and wellbeing. Meet new people and spend time outside. These sessions are for people living locally to the farm. Free. No experience necessary. Contact Kerry@lwfarm.org.uk 0117 9381128
Chicken Keeping: Sat 31st August 10am‐1pm £30
This workshop gives you the basics to start keeping chickens including housing, day to day needs of chickens, common diseases and parasites, and looks at other poultry and how to hatch your own birds. Includes a free handbook. https://chicken-keeping.eventbrite.co.uk
Herbs for Winter Colds and Flu
As the Autumn approaches there are many herbs, berries and other fruit that we can use to boost our immune systems and see us through the cold and 'flu season. Learn how to prepare and take care of yourself and loved ones through the dark half of the year.https://herbs-for-winter.eventbrite.co.uk

Flower Power & Bug Buddies

Tandem Arts invite young and old to a flower pressing event on Saturday August10th ‐ 10am‐4pm and a 'Bug Buddy' craft session on Wednesday August 7th ‐ 10am ‐1pm.

Bring along flowers, plants, leaves ‐ anything that can be pressed . The pressed flora will get laminated at a later stage and get transformed into a pressed flower curtain artwork for all to see at the Shirehampton Public Hall ! The more people that contribute to this project the bigger an impression the curtain will make! It doesn't have to be special blooms or rare specimens, anything and everything has its place and will look good.

'Bug Buddies' is a craft activity for children ‐ accompanied by an adult which is not only fun but will also draw attention to our dependency on insects for a multitude of reasons and will give more tips on how to help protect insect diversity. Both events are free, open to all and held in the downstairs hall for easy access. The events will also be advertised on Nextdoor and on the Tandem fb page www.facebook.com/theportwayroom/ .You can also email tandemarts2@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Friends of Shirehampton Library

The Friends are hoping to open the Library Living Room one evening a week starting in the autumn. They would like to offer a programme of evening events. For instance, there could be a Music Evening or a Board Game Evening; a Play‐reading Evening or a Dementia Friendly Evening. The Friends (FOSLs) would love to hear what you would enjoy doing at the Library. You can post suggestions on our Facebook page or email Editor@Shire.org.uk

St. Mary's News ‐  August

awaiting photo

Hi Folks!

I trust we all have our Hols booked for this month whilst the kids are on holiday.

It is a wonderful time for them to be able to let off steam and use up their surplus energy before getting back to the grindstone in September. Other younger ones going up to a new Senior School will no doubt find it a bit of a worry but hopefully they will quickly adjust.

On Monday evening 8th July, we had a wonderful concert in St Mary's when we were entertained by the West Bristol Concert Band under the baton of Philip Sims and the Airbus Filton Choir and Royal Mail Choir under the direction of David Ogden. This was a delightful evening with music to suit all tastes. The church, I am pleased to say, was filled to capacity. If you were not there then you missed a real treat, but we hope to hold the winter concert here and will keep you posted, so you will have an opportunity to join us again.

Our Patronal Festival Saturday was a great success, with floral displays, art work and quilt work shown. Thank you to all the ladies who gave up their precious time to produce such superb work and show off what talents they all have! The cream teas were delicious and I am pleased to say they made a profit of £219.

The next day ‐ Sunday, 30th June ‐ a large number of St Mary's congregation went to Bristol Cathedral to partake and witness two Theological Students who were attached to St Mary's during their training ‐ Janey Hiller & Aidan Watson ‐ordained as Deacons. Aidan is going to serve in the Parish of Downend whilst Janey is going to serve in the Parishes of St Peter, Penhill and St Philip, Upper Stratton, near Swindon. We wish them both well in this their next step in their Christian lives serving God and shall miss seeing them both at St Mary's. Also being ordained were Pippa White and Emily Swinerd, who both spent some time at St Mary's, and we wish them both well in their future ventures also.

This is to remind people who attend the Art Group in St Mary's on a Tuesday that meetings are suspended throughout August and will resume on Tuesday, 3rd September. Enjoy your Summer break! The Craft Group will continue to meet throughout August.

  • The Golden Oldies‐ 7th August

    The Golden Oldies will be having their usual sing‐song on Wednesday, 7th August ‐ no Summer break for them!!

  • GLOW‐ 5th August

    Now some further information about children's activities which are connected with St Mary's. GLOW will still run on the Monday 5th August and Monday 2nd September at Tithe

  • Barn and BLAST‐ 11thAugust

    Barn and BLAST will still run on the Sunday 11th August during our 10am service. But STOMP will break for the Summer and return on Monday 16th September. YOUTH @ THE BARN will break for the Summer and will return on Tuesday 17th September. TOTSTOP will continue throughout the holidays.

  • Messy Church‐ 19th September

    There will be no meeting in church during August for Messy Church ‐ they will meet again on Thursday 19th September at the usual time 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm.

  • Car Treasure Hunt ‐ LEAVING at 4pm sharp‐ Saturday 17th August

    Remember I gave early notice the other month of our Car Treasure Hunt, which has been organised by Tim Forder? This is to take place on Saturday 17th August ‐ leaving the Health Centre Car Park at 4.00 pm SHARP. This is in order that we can have our meal promptly at 6.00 pm at the mystery venue. There is a menu at the back of the church to make your choice of food. Please sign up soon if you would like to take part.

May I appeal to all users of our Churchyard NOT to put their laden Doggy Bags into our waste bins. These are not council bins, so it is volunteers who empty these bins regularly ‐ it is extremely unpleasant for them to empty the bins containing Doggy Bags and we have no way of disposing of the bags and their contents. Please put them in the proper Doggy Bag Receptacles. Your co‐operation is sought to stop this regular practice. Thank you!

Finally, did you hear of the gentleman who observed an old man outside his local pub fishing in puddle? Being a kind Christian gentleman he asked the old man into the pub for a drink. Whilst they were drinking their whiskies, the gentleman thought he would humour the old man and asked him how many he had caught today. The old chap replied, You are the eighth!

'Bye for now! C.M.E.

Hello from Shire Methodist



August is a time of holidays for many of us but here at Shire Methodist we will still be enjoying our normal activities. Come along if you are free. Coffee and bacon butties is on the first Saturday of the month. Morning Worship is every Sunday at 11am. We have enjoyed welcoming some new people who have recently moved to the Shirehampton area to our church on Sunday mornings. Movies on Mondays is on….you guessed (!), which alternates with Afternoon Tea. We won't have anything on at our church on the August Bank Holiday but we will be at the Cotswold Centre for the first family fun afternoon event hosted by Christians from the local churches. We have invited the Ark Bus along to the event, so we might have Vincent or Wilfred (2 VW Crafter vans) join us with fun activities for all ages. And, like the stories of Jesus feeding the 5000 and 4000, no church event is complete without refreshments; there will be a BBQ and cakes.

One of our members, Dottie North, attended the big Methodist Church conference in Birmingham in July.Some of the big news coming out of the conference included the recommendation for prayerful discussion over this coming year regarding topics surrounding marriage and relationships, including the possibility of same‐sex marriages in our churches. The conference also recognised that there is a Climate Emergency. Westbury‐on‐Trym Methodist Church has a silver eco award and we are going to get some tips from them on being a more environmentally friendly church.

We have continued to make some changes to our church building with the help of our friends from ALFA Christian Community who are based in Shirehampton. Chris and Lee worked hard on removing the communion rail, which makes the front of the church feel more open and friendly. We hope the beautiful wood can be turned into a cross shape to display on one of our walls.

We continue to hire out our building to many local groups including Weight Watchers, the Dragon Club, Shirehampton Planning Group, the Shire Newspaper and the monthly pop‐up market. If you are interested in hiring our premises please contact Bridget Williams (0117 982 0586).

May God's peace be with you all during August. Everyone at Shire Methodist

Shirehampton Baptist News

We have much to look forward to in August. Our new minister Paul Rhodes and his wife Kate will start their ministry this month. Paul has served in two churches and more recently worked with the Barnabas Trust, a charity which supports Christians who face discrimination and persecution as a consequence of their faith. His Induction Service will be held on Saturday September 14th at 3 pm.

Mainly Music is taking a Summer Break but starts again in September. It has been a good year and lovely to see adults and children enjoying themselves. Even the tiny babies respond to the music and several friendships have been formed amongst the adults. Much of its success is due to the loyalty and dedication of our team of helpers

On the second Sunday of each month we hold a joint service with the Methodist Church. We meet at 4:45pm for a short service followed by refreshments. We now call ourselves Cotswold Christian Community as we want to be open to all whether you belong to a Church or not. So come and meet with us ‐ you are most welcome.

One of our aims is to engage with the community and on August 29th we are holding a Fun Day at the Community Centre from 2:00 pm, a good way to spend the Bank Holiday without having to travel.

Lastly we are fortunate to have a beautiful building and a warm welcome to join us on Sunday Mornings at 10 30 am. You may be one of those people who used to go to church but not anymore. Why not start again.

Mair Blandford

Sea Mills Annual Flower and Craft Show

The Sea Mills Flower & Craft Show will take place on

Saturday 14th September from 1pm to 4.30pm.

Entry £1 per adult.

This year there will be a variety of

  • music and dance acts alongside community and trade stalls,
  • birds of prey from Secret World Wildlife Rescue,
  • kids nature based crafts courtesy of Sea Mills Community Garden,
  • alongside the flower, vegetable and variety of craft entries displayed in the hall.


Programmes and entry forms (closing date Fri 6th Sept, entry fee applies) are available from

Shirehampton Library, Sea Mills Library and Cafe on the Square as well as online at seamillstogether.org.uk/flowershow.

(Entries are open to all amateurs)


To mark this special centenary year the theme of this year's show is 'The Addison Oak'.

The magnificent oak tree which was planted in June 1919 on Sea Mills Square to mark the start of the building of the garden suburb.


We are delighted to announce that BBC Bristol's Ali Vowles will be attending the show to present the trophies.


Refreshments including cream teas will be available during the afternoon.

The Show is being held at Sea Mills Community Centre behind the library on Sylvan Way.

Postcode BS9 2NQ.


We hope that many Shirehampton residents will enter this year as well as attend the show.

On The Trail With Steve England

awaiting photo
We had lessons about trees and why some were damaged and were also made aware of several birds in the area.
awaiting photo
Taking us on a little detour we came across a couple of men fishing.
awaiting photo
Brambles any-one?
awaiting photo

Our summers wouldn't be the same without Steve England, award winning conservation educator, horticulturist and Bristol Post columnist.

He was making a welcomed return on 6th July to Lamplighters Marsh to take a group of people on a walk they would not forget.

John Knight gave us all a bit of background history on the Lamplighters and marshes before handing over to Steve.

Taking us on a little detour we came across a couple of men fishing. They had caught some sea bass from the river. Steve explained why he loved fishing and the type of fish we could catch in our area of the river Avon. Further along he showed us the little bugs circling in the water explaining they were a food source for the fish.

As we continued walking through the marsh towards the yellow brick road Steve showed us a number of plants that were easily edible and a couple to avoid at all costs. We all learned that brambles are a food source as Steve handed out cut down strips for us all to try.

There was a couple from Portishead on the walk and a young family from Italy, visiting relatives in the area. Their two sons now know how to make a fire for cooking and to keep themselves warm without the aid of matches or lighters.

Steve England is a font of huge knowledge when it comes to conservation and survival in the great outdoors. The one thing I will remember next time is to wear my walking boots!

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
plants that were easily edible and a couple to avoid at all costs

Kathryn Courtney

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo

I am so thrilled with our insect hotel this year! Virtually every apartment inhabited. Every time I tried to photograph some activity the wee beasties would disappear!!! But I am just happy it has proved so successful.

The heronry has now lapsed into almost total silence, and I think the last of the babies have taken wing.

My goldfinches are still here at the crack of dawn each day, the babies almost outnumbering the adults! And I'm pretty sure the sparrows have had second broods, as I saw signs of adults feeding youngsters out the back just a couple of weeks ago.

I witnessed a real treat about three or four weeks ago whilst walking the dogs in Lamplighters field. A migrating group of swifts were feeding close to the riverbank just above my head. It was magical! There were perhaps thirty or maybe more, (so difficult to count!),wheeling and skimming so 'swiftly' through the air, missing each other by millimetres. A sight to behold, and I was the only one around. My lucky day!

My lavender bush is now coming into flower, so I hope to see it smothered with bees very soon. Watch this space! I may get a clear shot with my phone cam!!! Happy nature watching, Bobbie Perkins.

Happy nature watching, Bobbie Perkins

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Dursley Road Street Party  John Hastings

Dear Editor,

Thanks for including my letter in the latest edition. However, we're very disappointed that only a tiny photograph was included of the Dursley Road Street Party. This event took months of planning and a huge effort by those involved, and gave great pleasure to the many folk who attended. Considering the size of some of the other articles and photographs in the paper, surely a better reflection could have been made? I know Kathryn Courtney took many photos on the day, and I submitted some too. If it is at all possible, could this be rectified in the next edition please?

Best wishes

John Hastings

 Clean Air Zone questionnaire  John Knight

Dear Editor,

In the film Groundhog Day every day is a re‐run of yesterday: I thought it was fiction but clearly not when it comes to Bristol City Council and Lamplighter's Marsh.

In 1997 the Planning Inspector for the Bristol Local Plan agreed that Bristol City Council could proceed with a Park and Ride in Lamplighter's Marsh …subject to strenuous efforts to protect and enhance [the remainder]…. Later the Council proposed to sell off the Daisy Field that is part of Lamplighter's Marsh. It took a ruling by the Local Government Ombudsman before the Council designated Lamplighter's Marsh as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR), and ring fenced most of the Park & Ride Section 106 money for the ecological management of the LNR. Then the ASEA flood defence works proposed that part of the LNR became a contractor's compound for up to five years; this year the community's objections stopped that. The LNR is listed within the present draft Bristol Local Plan document New Protection for Open Space. Don't rest for a moment though as on 1 July the Council's Clean Air Zone questionnaire has an option to expand the Portway Park & Ride by 550 spaces and reserve space for another 350. The new rail station and parking at the Portway Park and Ride will take up the existing space at the southern end of the Park & Ride. The Joint Structure Plan proposes to use the adjacent crane storage area as a Park & Ride. Therefore the additional 900 parking spaces can only come from the designated Lamplighter's Marsh LNR.

The Council's Parks Department and the Friends of Lamplighter's Marsh have made an excellent job of improving Lamplighter's Marsh for the community, yet it appears that another part of the Council is intent on turning it into a car park. At the end of the Clean Air Zone questionnaire it asks whether there is enough information about the proposals to answer the questions; the answer is an emphatic no! The consultation ends on 12 August: we need to stop another attempt to take away Shirehampton's open spaces.

John Knight

 Carole and Michael Antill Jane Flook

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for putting the 60th anniversary congratulations to Carole and Michael Antill in so quickly. [In April edition. Ed.] It was given in rather late and I was so pleasantly surprised when someone must have worked with some thought to arrange it for the right month of the great day. Again I thank you for a great paper very carefully planned out.

Jane Flook (Thank you for your donation. The Editor.)

 PBA Funday Emma Baldwin

Dear Editor,

I would just like to drop a note to say thanks for the wonderful edition of the Shire and for the inclusion of the news on the PBA fun day.

Much appreciated,

Emma Baldwin

 LW Mysterious building Greg Spink

Dear Editor of the Shire Newspaper!,

Good afternoon & I thought I would make contact with you for the first time as a resident of Shirehampton of more than 10 years now, with an observation that I have made in the area of land just on the perimeter of Lawrence Weston & the M5 motorway! The building in question can be seen from the M5 motorway on your left when you are heading south just as you leave the motorway on the Avonmouth/Shirehampton junction! I've always clocked it & wondered what on earth it was or still is & today my intrigue got the better of me, and so I had to take a closer look at it by foot! Could I ask either you or any of your team there, whether anybody knows what this building was used for? I met a couple of kids on bikes whilst I was walking around it & although it was visibly all locked up, they had told me that it had been deserted for years! My question is when you walk round to the North West facing side of the building why is there visible large triangular air ducts actually still turned on? You can hear the generators that are powering them......and why on earth if the building has been abandoned for years are they still on ?.......especially in this current climate of trying to save energy?

Any thoughts or answers on this peculiar mystery from you & the team or the readership of Shire would be very much appreciated!

Many thanks

Greg Spink

From Shirehampton

 Wall din Sheila Adams

Dear Editor,

I was horrified the other day to see the mess that has been made of the old Savoy site perimeter wall in Woodwell Road. A nice old structure has been ruined by the use of far, far too much (black) mortar. To say it is ugly is an understatement ‐ the effect is grotesque.

The perpetrator should be made to remove the mortar bit by bit so that somebody with knowledge and skill can do the job properly.

Sheila Adams

--------------I am hoping that, if this letter is published, someone from Shire will provide a photograph of the wall in question so that readers can see just how monstrous it is.

awaiting photo
Woodwell wall photographed by Bob Pitchford

Thank you.


This photograph was taken and provided impartially by Shire newspaper at the behest of contributor Sheila Adams. ed.

Consultation on options for a Traffic Clean Air Zone for Bristol ‐ have your say until 12 August

Bristol City Council is consulting on two options to reduce air pollution within the central area of the city, where the levels of pollution, particularly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are particularly high and exceed legal limits.

Air pollution is a danger to health.

Breathing polluted air can cause breathing problems such as asthma and heart problems, leading to shortened lives. It's a problem for everyone, whether you drive a car, cycle or walk.

Poor air quality is caused by pollution from a range of sources, including cars and other vehicles. This is why these options tackle the number of polluting vehicles coming into central Bristol.The proposed options are one element of the wider environmental plans for Bristol, announced by the Mayor of Bristol on Clean Air Day. The two options are:

  • Option 1 Clean Air Zone (private cars not charged)
    • A zone in which older, more polluting buses, coaches, taxis, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs, i.e. goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes) and light goods vehicles (LGVs, i.e. goods vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes) would be charged. The following proposed charges would apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week and would be charged once in each 24 hour period: Non‐complaint taxis and LGVs would be charged £9, HGVs, coaches and buses £100.
    • Option 1 would also include:
      • a 24 hour a day, seven days a week HGV weight restriction (for HGVs over 3.5 tonnes) on the worst polluted routes;
      • All diesel car ban on Upper Maudlin Street and Park Row running from St James Barton roundabout to Park Street between 7am and 3pm, seven days a week (the ban would not apply to taxis, private hire and emergency vehicles);
      • Bus and local traffic changes in the most polluting areas including an inbound bus lane on the M32, an inbound bus lane on Cumberland Road, and using existing traffic signals to control the amount of traffic entering congested areas with poor air quality;
      • A scrappage scheme (up to £2,000) for private diesel cars. This would provide a grant towards a new vehicle or an alternative mode of transport (e.g. bus travel, purchasing a bike).
  • Option 2: Diesel car ban
    • Banning all diesel cars from driving in a specific central area (small zone) from 7am to 3pm, seven days a week (this would not apply to taxis/private hire or emergency services).

Other measures, including a scrappage scheme, could also be included.

There will be a drop‐ in session to provide the opportunity to discuss the options in more detail on

Tuesday 6 August, 2:30 ‐ 6:30 pm

City Hall (Vestibule)

College Green, BS1 5TR

To let us know what you think go to: bristol.gov.uk/trafficcleanairzone

MP Tackles Flies in Avonmouth

Darren Jones writes: I'm aware of recent increases in flies across Avonmouth, Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston. I have previously visited many of the local businesses who process waste products and met with the Environment Agency (EA) and with Bristol City Council who are responsible for monitoring regulated industries and environmental health and domestic waste collection and recycling, respectively.

MP takes annual swat at flies… see Shire June 2018 - Your Local MPs Report

Whilst I have worked to get improvements made at several processing sites in the area, this doesn't seem to have been enough to stop the sudden influx of flies when we have hot weather. As the sites already operating in the area can't be closed without significant evidence of wrong doing over a sustained period, I am clear the EA need new powers to be able to act more swiftly. I've therefore written to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, demanding he reviews the powers available.

Equally, our council need to progress a 'regulated border' within the Local Plan that allows them to refuse planning consent for further waste‐related sites situated near to Avonmouth's residential areas. Sadly, national government has already overturned Bristol City Council refusal for such sites twice in recent years, which is clearly unhelpful.

I've also been disappointed to hear the plans for repair and reinstatement of the Iron Bridge have been put on hold.

I know this is a real source of frustration for many residents ‐

a bridge too far…

The council has worked hard on

  • a design they thought would get the backing of Historic England,
  • reinstate the bridge so it wasn't at risk of being hit again and
  • do so within the council's financial constraints.

Whilst there will be a few more months of discussions between the council and Historic England to get this project right, I have commitment that when those discussions are agreed, the council will approve the funding needed to ensure this vital pedestrian link will reopen.

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club.

The sun shone brightly on Saturday June 29th ‐ the fifth Annual Presidents Day at the City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club.

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A fun afternoon of bowling starting with the now traditional spider, won this year by Ken Davies, and a game of ten ends of bowling between ladies and gentlemen was followed by a parade of silly hats judged by Shirley Parker and won by Julie Looker who wore a hat with a basket on top to catch plastic balls ‐‐‐ well, it was sillier than the others.

At the end of the afternoon there was an excellent barbeque prepared this year by Brian and Dee Crawley, Gill Hinksman and Shirley Parker. There was a prize for each member of the four winning by the greatest margin in the Ladies v Gents.competition. The President, David Hinksman, was one of that four ‐ the others were Flo Grimes ( playing for the men), Bill Hatherall and John Conroy. The men were overall winners.

Thanks to Warburton's for once again supporting Presidents Day.

On Tuesday 18th June Richard Hoskin of Radio Bristol came to the green to find out what the sport of bowling is about. He talked to members about various aspects of the game and why they like it so much. A game of bowls was in progress so Richard donned a white bowling jacket and bowled his first ever woods on the green. The recording was broadcast on Radio Bristol on Wednesday July 3rd.

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Sunday June 16th ‐‐‐ not only Father's Day but also Big Band Night at the City and Port of Bristol Club. The David Salt Big Band lead by Andrew Champion played songs from the shows, Glenn Miller, and a whole variety of classics to listen and dance to.

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The Ladies League Team lead by Gill Hinksman enjoyed great success in June winning away to Bristol to help them climb the league table. And there was a big win for the Men's League Team lead by Bill Hatherall away to St.Andrews on June 27th. They took the maximum ten points for the first time this season.

Away from match days and often unseen, lots of work goes on at the green. Volunteers from within the membership do a fantastic job to keep the green surround and buildings in good and safe order all year round.

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