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April 2020
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Coronavirus Update

As we go to press the situation with the Coronavirus is changing rapidly.

Our advice is to monitor and follow any guidance issued by the Government, and Health Organisations as updates are provided. Key for us all to get through the current situation is to look out for each other and show kindness to those who are most vulnerable in our community.

Activity Group Closures

It should be bourne in mind that the majority of these articles were written BEFORE the Lock-down was implemented (web.Ed.)

April Shires

awaiting photo
Daffodils at Kings Weston by Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
Daffodils at Kings Weston by Bob Pitchford

Support Our Local High Street - Super Saver Store.

Time has passed so quickly that it's almost twelve years since the Super Saver Store arrived on the High Street in Shirehampton.

Janet March is an original staff member. I've been working here since the very beginning. Stocking the shelves and making sure we were ready when the shop officially opened all those years ago. You can certainly say I am very much part of the fixtures and fittings.

I actually enjoy my work. I have a fantastic boss and the other staff member is my daughter Sarah and we get along very well, we are a team. It's not a pressurised job but Christmas is hectic with stocking the shelves with everything Christmas. I love talking with our customers, they are lovely and many call into to the shop on a regular basis. Without customers you have no business, so customer care is very important.

Janet's bubbly personality and infectious laughter can put a smile on anyone's face even on a bad day but what delights does the Super Saver Store have to entice the customer to buy?

Believe it or not, it's a bit like an Aladdin's cave. It's not just a wide selection of cards. We can be your one stop shop for birthdays, with cards, balloons, invites, candles, badges, banners, party gifts for games. The same applies for weddings too and baby showers and christenings. We sell gift bags, gift boxes, wrapping paper, decorations, stationery, toys, glassware, ceramics and lots more. Just come on in to our shop and be surprised with what we do sell. Said Jan.

I asked Janet how she felt our local High Street was coping in this current climate. It has got a lot quieter in recent years but for us everyone needs a card for every occasion. There are too many shops the same and what we need is a good variety of shops to bring people back into the High Street.

Kathryn Courtney

Window Wanderland Lights Up the Winter Nights

'Window Wanderland' became a reality for the four villages during the weekend of the 29th February and 1st March.

awaiting photo
Families Matter
awaiting photo
Cats and Birds
awaiting photo
Hogwarts Castle
awaiting photo
Hogwarts Train
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
Sun and Volcanos
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
Year of the rat

Creative activity had been apparent the weeks before by children and adults alike. The window completed designs were displayed in houses, flats and local community organisations buildings and some of them were certainly works of art.

I only managed to walk around Shirehampton to see many these wonderful window 'works of art' to brighten up dark winter nights and it was a bit like a treasure hunt. Families and friends formed small groups for a wander around the Four Villages Window Wanderland trail taking photos and picking out their favourite window designs. It was all done in good spirits. My favourites included 'The Year Of The Rat' and 'Harry Potter' designs but there was just so much to choose from with clever lighting enhancing the windows.

Having seen the success of Window Wanderland in other areas of Bristol, we thought it would be a great idea to try it out in Shirehampton, and also ask the other communities in the area if they'd like to be involved too. It's a brilliant way of engaging people in the community, by encouraging them to participate with family and friends, and use a little imagination too. The results were fantastic, nearly 80 houses displayed their windows, families were out in the dark, helping keep the streets safe, and marvelling at the sights. It's also great to work with the other areas as a team, something we intend to do far more often. It also fulfils another one of the commitments we made to the people of Shirehampton in the Community Plan. said John Hastings.

This event is scheduled to happen again next year and hopefully more people will take part to make our part of the world a little brighter during one weekend of the year. A huge thank you to the organisers and those who took part this year.

Kathryn Courtney

Anti-Social Behaviour in your area!

Avon & Somerset Police are aware that problems of Anti-Social Behaviour are occurring in this area.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) includes a variety of behaviour and unacceptable activity that can blight the quality of community life.

They have had a recent incident where a group of youths on push bikes have spat at a resident. Furthermore, there have had multiple reports of eggs and stones being thrown at windows. They are currently reviewing CCTV and investigating these incidents however if you have any information regarding this or any similar behaviour please call 101 and let the beat team know.

In addition, there has recently been information passed on about people being approached in Shirehampton and being asked for money. This is an offence known as aggressive begging. They are keen to ensure this doesn’t happen however need help of this being reported to 101 in order for this to be developed. Please keep an eye out for people who may be vulnerable to this.

Anti-Social Behaviour doesn't just make life unpleasant. It holds back the regeneration of areas and creates an environment where more serious crime can take hold.

High tide 12th March

BOB's HIGH tide pix

Predicted high water at Avonmouth was 14.3 m but due to low pressure it made 15.07 m.

The barriers worked well as can be seen in the photograghs but… you have to wonder with floodplains being lost behind barriers, docks and roadways, where is all that water going to go, the City?

awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (1), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (2), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (3), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (4), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (5), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (6), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (7), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (8), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (9), Bob Pitchford
awaiting photo
High tide 12th March (10), Bob Pitchford

Groveleaze Youth Club & Harry Grainger

I attended Groveleaze Youth Club in the late 1940s, when Harry Grainger was the leader.

He was a well-liked and much respected man. One of his assistants was a young Shirl Husher, the founder of the Grainger Players.

The youth club was housed in the old farmhouse in Groveleaze. Next to this was a huge Nissen-type building, with an arched roof of corrugated iron, painted black and which housed the multi-purpose hall. This hall had a stage for performances and could be hired out.

My Auntie Maggie (Alsop), who lived in Portbury Walk with my Uncle Massey, ran the Cheer-up Club at the hall. This was an after-school club for mothers and children of primary school age. We also went on outings to the sea-side with our mothers. Auntie Maggie was a larger-than-life character!

Auntie Maggie's son, Idris, (who boxed for the Smelting Works), held his wedding reception there, for it could be hired for any purpose.

Idris's wife, Connie, had a beautiful contralto voice and later, in my teens, I would accompany her on the piano, touring various local social clubs in Shire. If I remember correctly, before she married, she lived in Groveleaze, near the Youth Club.

The club put on plays in this building and I appeared in my first proper performance on that stage, directed by Harry Grainger. I am discounting Babes in the Wood, which was performed at Shirehampton Infants School, where I had a non-speaking part as a bird with a cardboard beak, whereas my twin-brother, Ron, was the boy babe (l have never forgiven him!)

Mr. Grainger was a Scot, I believe, and a retired docker from Avonmouth Docks. He lived with his wife in the flat at the top of the farmhouse. They had no children of their own. I think that, in some way, he considered us his children by proxy. He was a short, stocky man and a person of strong principles and morals, which he passed on to his young charges.

I remember to this day the time he broke up a fight between two of the boys. He then gathered the rest of the boys together and spoke about the futility of fighting; the best way to solve differences/problems being to talk them through. He then related the only occasion in his life when he had hit someone.

He had been walking home from work at Avonmouth when he came across a man beating a horse with a large stick, because it had stopped pulling the cart it was attached to and refused to go any further. Mr. Grainger told the man, several times, to stop beating the animal, but the man took no notice. So Mr, Grainger knocked him down and broke his stick.

This true story made a huge impression on me, because Mr Grainger was such a respected man.

It reminded me of the story of the Good Samaritan from Sunday School.

It taught me, at a young age, that, when animals or human beings were being ill-treated or in need, you came to their defence or helped them in their need, not ignored them in their predicament.

Years later, as an adult working in Farnham, Surrey, I was on my way home from Aldershot, when I saw a man and a woman having a violent argument. The man had hold of the woman by the arm and she was struggling to get away. I stopped the car and got out (as did another driver behind me). I walked across the road and said to the young woman: Is everything all right?.

The man let go of her and she replied: It's O.K. He's my husband. She then walked away, and her husband followed her, no longer shouting, but talking to her in a reasoning tone.

My action, I believe, was partly prompted by the story that Mr. Grainger told us all those years before.

There must be many readers, who, when they were young, attended Groveleaze Youth Club and came under the influence of Harry Grainger. Have you a story to tell?

Gil Osman

VE Memories & Street Parties.

This year marks 75 years since the end of WWII.

The May bank holiday this year has been moved to Friday 8th of May which was also VE day 75 years ago. (Victory In Europe Day). What we want to know from you is, will you be arranging any street parties that will be happening that weekend 8th - 10th May in the Four Villages - Shirehampton, Sea Mills/Coombe Dingle, Lawrence Weston and Avonmouth? - If yes please let us know details and we will share them on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/poppiesonthegreen to help spread the word for you. Let's make this a weekend to remember where communities come together.

We would also be interested in sharing your own photos of VE Day in 1945 with street parties that were held around that time. It's part of our history. We would like to share memories and stories too on our Facebook page. So, grandparents and great grandparents search through those old photos of the time and share your stories and memories with the younger generations. All memories and photos welcome.

You can send an email to poppiesonthegreen@outlook.com or message us on messenger via www.facebook.com/poppiesonthegreen where you can also be kept updated with further projects we are planning later in the year that will hopefully involve the four villages.

Kathryn Courtney

A journey of a thousand miles no longer involves flying! (Shire kiddie)

Organ Donation Changes

At the end of Feb, the Government announced that, subject to parliamentary approval, Max and Keira’s Law - the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Act - will come into effect on the 20 May 2020.

From the time the law changes, all adults in England will be considered as having agreed to donate their own organs when they die unless they record a decision not to donate, what’s known as ‘opt out’, or are in one of the excluded groups (under 18s, people lacking the mental capacity to understand the arrangements, people that have been in England for less than 12 months.

Even after the law changes, families will still be involved before any organ or tissue donation goes ahead and NHS Blood and Transplant Specialist Nurses will continue to speak with families about their loved one’s decision.

Many people lose their lives waiting for an organ. Currently in the Bristol area there are 25 people on the active transplant list, with only 7 donors being available in 2019. It takes more people to be willing to help others after their death to give people waiting on a transplant the best chance.

Let your family and friends know your feelings on this important matter and register your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register by calling 0300 123 23 23 or visiting www.organdonation.nhs.uk

Shirehampton Library Notes

May 8th May marks the 75 anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

To honour this occasion the Government has moved the traditional May Day Bank Holiday from the traditional first Monday of the month to Friday 8th. Shirehampton Library would like to put on a display of local photographs, memories and mementos from 1945. So if you were there on the day or have any items of interest please get in touch with us at Shirehampton.library@bristol.gov.uk or just pop into the library when you can.

Bristol libraries offer more than just books. We know offer a wide range of online resources. To help you access them local man, Andy Sears, will be running drop-in sessions the first and third Mondays of each month between 2 - 4 pm. Just come along to the library on those days and Andy will help you access a range of online resources including magazines, audio books and much more!

Gordon Rudston

Defibrillator Installed at Public Hall.

During March Shirehampton Public Hall in Station Road had their defibrillator installed.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Placed outside the building it means there is easy access in the case of an emergency.

The defibrillator was donated by the Freemasons of South Gloucestershire. It was one of four that was donated to local organisations. The former Treasurer of the Public Hall Trustees put in a request to have one at the Public Hall and at the end of last year was presented with one of the defibrillators.

In an emergency it is fairly easy to access with the cover that comes off easily. The first thing you should always do is dial 999 for an ambulance, then use the defibrillator. Just follow the instructions that are easy to follow. However, I am hoping to get 'Community Heartbeat', an organisation that deals with defibrillators, to come and do a public demonstration at the Public Hall on a Saturday in the near future. This defibrillator is available for use when needed, to the public in an emergency to help save lives. said Amanda Parsons, Manager of Shirehampton Public Hall.

Kathryn Courtney.

Friends of Shirehampton Library

Event cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

Though we haven’t opened every Thursday evening over the winter we have had two Thursday evening special events.

In January we held a Family History session with experts to show us how to access and research our own family history. This was very popular and there will be a follow up session in the autumn. In February Norman Routledge and Art Historian Karen Van Hoey-Smith talked to us about the history of Kingsweston House and its owners over the last 300 hundred years! These Thursday events have been so successful we’re planning several more. The next will be on Thursday 30th April, 7:00 pm in the Library. The author Jane Duffus will talk about her books The Women Who Built Bristol vols. I and II.

Meanwhile, The Library service has issued the following:

The Library Service is working with Bristol City Council to monitor and adapt services in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. All our libraries currently remain open but we will update the website and social media if there are any changes.

The Library Living Room will continue to be open every Tuesday afternoon from 3 -5 pm as long as Bristol Libraries are open.

Shirehampton Primary News

Year 3 have been incredibly busy at Shirehampton Primary and there isn't any sign of it slowing down yet.

They have started a new topic in their classes all around ‘Bristol’. They have been and will continue to be learning about the historical and geographical aspects of our wonderful city. They will be learning about some of our most famous designers and artists including Isambard Kingdom Brunel as well as someone a little more recent, Banksy.

The school as a whole are also now completing something called ‘Shire University’. An idea designed to allow every child in the school to try something new, in every term. Year 3 have been making puppets. They had to design them, make them and evaluate them. A lot of fun was had by all and the children cannot wait until the next ‘Shire Uni’.

Finally, you may have heard people around Shirehampton discussing the wonderful show which is on the way…’Yee Ha’! Year 3 and 4 are having a school production in around 4 weeks’ time. The school has some wonderful actors and singers and all of year 3 are incredibly excited to be a part of it.

Litter picking success

Pupils from Kingsweston School have been helping in the local community by collecting litter in Kingsweston Woods and other green areas nearby.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

The three pupils aged 15, 17 & 18 are getting ready to leave school and transition to adult provisions, so learning about being an active member of the community is really important for them. They take weekly walks to nearby areas and collect any litter they find. Then back at school they recycle any plastic or tin waste and dispose of the rest. So far they have collected 25 black sacks full of litter and recycled over 60 plastic bottles and cans! Helping the community and the environment. Well done team!!

Former Nova Primary Pupil, Marvin Rees, talks to Year 5 children

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Term 4 got off to a brilliant start when Year 5 children at Nova Primary were invited to Bristol City Hall to meet Mayor, Marvin Rees.

After studying how the ancient Greeks have influenced us, we were keen to know what democracy looks like in Bristol. We were welcomed by local councillor, Jo Sergeant and given a tour of the building, including the Council Chambers rooms where local issues are debated. The Chamber is based on the House of Commons and has a spectacular painted ceiling which shows Bristol throughout its history. We even got to sit in the Lord Mayor’s Chair and bang the gavel! Children asked some thought provoking questions around climate change, flood defences and schools. Some children were keen to ask for top tips for anyone thinking of a career in politics and others asked how Bristol is tackling the problem of homelessness.

Marvin Rees was a pupil at Nova Primary during the years he lived in Lawrence Weston with his mother - he remembers us fondly, ‘I grew up in poverty but I had good teachers who supported me and got something out of me.’

Shirehampton Primary School @ Kings Weston House Social

The Parent Council at Shirehampton Primary School took 8 children to the Kings Weston House Social supported by Bristol Aging Better for the over 55s.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

It was a fantastic afternoon filled with exciting performances and the children were great hosts. They ensured the teas and coffees had milk and there was lots of chat and laughter between the generations.

A huge thank you to Roseanna at Imperance for inviting us along and Becky Macfarlane for supporting from the Parent Council.

Shirehampton Baptist Church News

After a few wet and windy months we look forward to April bringing blossoms, School holidays, hot cross buns and Easter eggs

Easter is a very special time for Christians when they remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus God’s son died for everyone’s wrong doings. The resurrection is the centre of their faith for without it there would be no Christian Church at all.

The Good Friday March of Witness will start from the Cotswold Community Hall at 10:15 am and will end at Saint Mary’s Church around 11:15 am for drinks and hot cross buns. Those who find it difficult to get to the start can join us along the way. On Easter Sunday we will be celebrating at Shire Baptist at 10:15 am.

Every year I love to go to Saint Mary’s on Good Friday at 2 pm to hear the Area choir bring the Easter message in song. This year they will sing Stainer’s Crucifixion a beautiful and moving work. It is a time to reflect on the death of Christ and the reason for it.

We have had a happy term at Mainly Music and at the moment have four vacancies but hurry as we are always full.

We will not have a service at the Cotswold Community Hall in April but in May we hope to start an eight-monthly study of the Lord’s Prayer. It will take the form of a short video followed by discussion. Most of us are familiar with this prayer and we can learn so much from it so do join us on May 10th.

We in Shire Baptist wish you a joyful and meaningful Easter.

Hello from Shire Methodist

We are currently in the period of Lent when many people choose to give up activities or change their behaviours.

This Lent, many of us all around the world have been forced to give up our plans and activities due to the global pandemic. Behaviour change is always hard and can be a real challenge, particularly when people are fearful of their health and the health of friends and family. Having support from others and, for those of us who have a faith, turning to God can be vital in coping practically and emotionally with the challenges.

We have all heard the official advice for trying to delay the spread of the virus, hand-washing, self-isolation, etc. What can we do to look after our neighbours? Here in Shirehampton we have a strong sense of community spirit. How can we build on this so that we can each find a way to help and reassure others, while taking all the official precautions?

Many of us have good health and therefore not much cause to worry. But we are all aware of people in our community who are older, housebound or living with chronic health conditions, who may be experiencing high levels of anxiety. Perhaps swapping phone numbers could help reduce their anxiety. A friendly voice can be just what someone needs to feel a little calmer.

Panic buying has left many shelves empty in our shops. In reality, there is still plenty to go around, especially if we try to shop as normal. How about asking neighbours, who might be vulnerable, if you can help with their shopping? If you are self-isolating you are likely to need support, don't be afraid to ask for help! And don’t forget the foodbanks, where there is currently a high demand and sadly a downturn in donations.

You might have felt despair, fear, anger and frustration regarding the threat and uncertainty of the pandemic. Despite these challenges, we hope and pray that we can follow the example of Jesus who, when he experienced immense emotional suffering, prayed and drew on the support of his friends.

All the churches in Shirehampton are holding our community in prayer, and will do our best to respond to any concerns and needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us on the numbers below:

  • St Mary's Church 0117 9077026
  • Shire Methodist 0117 924 8407
  • Shire Baptist 0117 982 8238
  • St Bernard's Roman Catholic 0117 982 3380

At the time of writing, we continue to meet every Sunday at 11am for Morning Worship, Mondays at 2pm for Afternoon Tea, the first Saturday of the month for coffee and bacon butties and we plan to hold the following Easter Services:

  • Maundy Thursday, 9th April, 3pm: Holy Communion
  • Good Friday, 10th April, 10.15am: Walk of Witness, starting at the Cotswold Centre
  • Easter Sunday, 12th April, 7am: Sunrise service on the Golf Course

May God’s peace be with you all during April.

Everyone at Shire Methodist

St. Mary's News ‐  April

awaiting photo

Hi Folks!

How great it is to have the light nights back with us again and hopefully more sunshine after a very wet winter.

I've got quite a bit to tell you during this Easter period, so I had better get on with it!

Lent commenced with an Ash Wednesday service at St Peter's, Lawrence Weston where members of St Mary's were well represented. Lent is the period of 40 days before Easter that is a time of reflection as Christians prepare to remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Subject to Coronavirus prevention restrictions/recommendations.

Many of our regular events will continue at St Mary’s in addition to the special Easter services, as follows:

Wednesday, 1st April - 10.30 am: The Golden Oldies Singalong will be at St Mary's. There was an increase in numbers last month - so come along and give it a try if you haven't been before. You will be welcomed with open arms!

Thursday, 2nd April - NO COFFEE served, as the local Primary School will be holding their Easter service at this time.

11.00 am - Holy Communion service as usual.

Monday, 6th April, Glow will be held in the Tithe Barn from 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm, but please let Amy know if you are able to attend. As it is the school holidays there will be no STOMP Dance or Youth Groups until the week commencing April 20th. Totstop will continue as usual except for Easter Monday.

Maundy Thursday, 9th April - NO COFFEE MORNING as the church will be closed, because we shall all be at Bristol Cathedral for the Service when the blessing of Oils takes place and the Clergy of the Diocese renew their vows to continue to spread the word of God throughout their parishes.

6pm - Maundy Thursday service

Good Friday, 10th April - NO COFFEE MORNING. This is the day when a Walk of Witness will take place in the parish. Please meet at The Cotswold Centre, Dursley Road at 10.15 am for a 10.30 am start. The walk will end at 11.30am at St Mary's for Coffee & Hot Cross Buns. Should the weather be wet, then we shall meet together in St Mary's for a service instead.

2.00 pm - the Shirehampton Area Choir will be singing a well known piece of music to very many people.

Saturday 11th April - NO COFFEE MORNING as the church will BE CLOSED.

Easter Sunday, 12th April 7.00 am - usual Sunrise Service at the far end of the Golf Course adjacent to Park Gates.

Please note there is NO KIDS KLUB TODAY.

10.00 am - Holy Communion Service followed by an Easter Egg hunt for children in the Churchyard.

Easter Monday, 13th April - NO COFFEE MORNING as the church will BE CLOSED.

Friday, 17th April - our Local Councillor, Jo Sargent will be holding her Surgery in the church during Coffee Time between 10.00 am & 12.00 noon. This is an opportunity to seek her advice or assistance should you need it!

Tuesday, 21st April - 3.30 to 5.00 pm Messy Church.

Now answer this yarn - What is an Easter Bunny's favourite music? Why, hip hop of course!

'Bye for now. C.M.E.

Flood Risk Event

Over 80 people attended our Flood Risk event in the Public Hall March 7th.

The speakers, Colin Taylor of the Environment Agency, Patrick Goodey from Bristol City Council, and Nikki Jones of Avon Needs Trees reminded us that we MUST reduce our carbon emissions to net zero as soon as possible if we are to stand any chance of avoiding catastrophic Climate Change.

Colin showed us the Environment Agency’s plans for shoreline management which would both protect us from flooding and improve wetland habitat along the Severn.

Patrick reminded us that BCC is responsible for surface water flooding and outlined Bristol City Council’s new Flood Strategy which aims to build street level resilience and engage residents in flood defence measures we all can take, like installing new Green Infrastructure or becoming Flood Wardens. All of this information is available on the Council website.

Nikki provided details on the importance of trees. Trees soak up huge quantities of water and are important carbon sinks. But only 17% of the UK is forested. Avon Needs Trees is a charity which aims to reforest, re-wild and preserve woodland in the River Avon catchment area. You can find out more from their website.

Shire Nature Cams

Trail Cam / Camera trap footage

Anybody have any nature trail cam, nest box stuff they’d like to share?

Send your nature video

Submissions MUST include all the usual details,

  •    who ‐ your contact details.
  •    what ‐ subject,
  •    where ‐ where was the video taken,
  •    when ‐ date & time and
  •    why ‐ not required (only included this to complete the saying… What’s life without whimsy).

The preferred video format is .mp4 but other formats can be coped with…

Send your nature video

The Good Life in Shirehampton

We had a fantastic day out on the little train a few weeks ago.

The weather was foul, and home based activities have been fully exhausted this winter, so I decided that instead of a friend driving from Weston-super-Mare to visit, we would go to her. Sounds easy right?

A lot of encouragement to use public transport sounds easy, yet so many of us don’t do it. We use the little train several times a week within Bristol. In fact we rely on it to get to childcare and work. But a two train trip with two small people, a pushchair (that I may or may not have to take everything out of and fold), steps, nappy changing, feeds and naps to contend with has filled me with stress. When the consequences of a poorly timed nap or poo can result in screaming (baby, not me!), using dirty train toilets, or missing stops it can all feel like a minefield. Not having a car has meant that for a long time we just didn't go places.

So things must have moved on a bit, or we were particularly desperate to leave the house, because we gave it a go. Now the smallest is a bit older, his routines are more predictable, so we got an earlyish train to Temple Meads, had plenty of time to move platforms and someone kindly helped us up the big step onto the next train. We arrived in Weston, had a lovely time seeing our friend and then came home again. And in an extra bonus we bumped into a Shire friend on the train back from Temple Meads and had a lovely conversation.

Small steps, small changes, and now something that felt stressful and time consuming feels doable. That train has been great for getting to town and out to Severn Beach in summer. Now we’re feeling like we might be able to try going further afield - exciting!


   Activity closures for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cotswold Community Association, ALL activities.

At an emergency meeting tonight (17/03/2020) the committee decided to suspend all activities at the Community Association Hall until further notice.

We are sorry that it‘s come to this but believe it's the responsible thing to do.


Richard Livingstone (Chairperson CCA)

Shirehampton Public Hall, ALL user groups.


Stay safe and keep well.

Kindest regards

Amanda Parsons (Hall Manager)

Friends of Shirehampton Library

Events cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.

The library, Living room and Jane Duffus events have all been cancelled.

Help Your Neighbour

Look out for family, friends and neighbours who are most vulnerable such as the elderly, those with long term illness, anyone with a disability and people who live alone.

You could help with shopping, dog walking, or just having a chat on the phone.

Have a think about what people need and see what you can do.

If you are struggling, don't be afraid to ask your local community for help.

There is the Nextdoor scheme in the Riverside area, and a local Facebook page ‐ Covid‐19/coronavirus BS11 mutual‐help group ‐ has also been set up.

Shirehampton Markets Announcement

I am sorry to say that our High Street Markets for April and May and our Spring Community Fayre for April have been cancelled.

We are planning to do some online shopping links w/c 23rd March onwards, on our Facebook page:

www.facebook.com/shirehamptonmarkets with as many of our market traders as we can, so you can order some of your favourite foods and products that can to be delivered to your door.

Kind Regards and we look forward to seeing you all again in the summer.

Ash Bearman, Katherine Birth and Kathryn Courtney.

Some useful Coronavirus information sites

www.shirehamptongrouppractice.co.uk ‐ Shirehampton Group Practice web Site

www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ NHS ‐ Coronavirus condition overview ‐ United Kingdom

www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response UK Government ‐ Coronavirus advisory information,

www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public World Health Organisation ‐ Coronavirus disease advice for the public.

www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus World Health Organisation ‐ Coronavirus overview.

Letters to the Editor

Have your say    editor@shire.org.uk

 Janet & Liz say thank you all

Dear Editor,

Janet & Liz say thank you all

Janet and Liz would like to thank everyone who helped celebrate their special birthdays. Thank you all for supporting our chosen charities instead of giving gifts. We received a total of £1,000 which will be split between Macmillan Cancer Support and Alzheimer's Society.

Oarsome developments at The Sailing Club

As we mentioned last month Shirehampton Sailing Club on Station Road is set to include Coastal Rowing as a new activity for its members this spring.

With the growth in the popularity of coastal rowing around the Bristol Channel it’s time that the Shirehampton club included coastal rowing in its offerings.

The club sailors have been sailing the waters of River Avon and Bristol Channel since 1988 when the old Pill Ferry was closed. They have kept the slip in use for sailing and now the members are looking to take the club into the 2020s with the addition of the rowing section.

The new section will be set up in conjunction with other rowing clubs around the area and with an eye to make the Avonside end of Station Road a place to visit. Come along for a rowing session and then a drink or a meal in the Lamplighters Pub.

This year Shire have been entertaining visitors from Clevedon Coastal Rowing Club with their Celtic Longboat and the Bristol Gig Club with one of their Gigs. These visits have been very successful and show that rowing from Shire is fun.

A Gig from the Bristol club will be available at the club within the next few weeks and the club is in the process of obtaining a Celtic Longboat.

Competitive rowing takes place amongst the clubs around the Bristol Channel. Once the club has got a competent crew together we will be looking to take part in those competitions.

We are hoping to get a mix of experienced rowers and people new to rowing so we will be able to blend new teams or rowers together. Watch this space for news of training days for new rowers and please get in touch.

Smelters Belters

The National Smelting Co Amateur Boxing Club AKA The Smelters based in Avonmouth have been in top class form recently with regional and national title wins.

Back in Feb Smelters heavyweight Dan Goldstone won the South West Challenge Belt winning on unanimous points against Bude’s Sam Westwood. Dan’s Coach Pat Dymond said Dan boxed superbly with his switch hitting style against a very cagey Southpaw, we’re over the moon with him at the club, a fantastic achievement to win the belt away from home.

Younger stable mate 15 year old Josh Pook won the Schools ABA national final at under 63kg. The Smelters Head Coach Garry Cave reported I’m so pleased for Josh, he deserves all the success in the world, and he’s worked extra hard with additional training by our unbeaten professional and Coach Tyler Davies. That’s rubbed off on Josh, you can really see the difference in his boxing.

The Smelters have also just had some street artwork painted by Wall Wizard’s Dan Gudgeon in their boxing gym. Garry Cave commented The quality of the artwork is knockout. I just can’t believe Dan managed to do that with aerosol cans in only two days. The Muhammad Ali portrait is just pure class.

The Smelters hold their next show with a packed night of boxing on Saturday Night the 23rd May. Tickets call Garry on 07876 233621.

City & Port of Bristol Bowling Club

Sunday March 1st was the date for twenty six bowlers, families and friends to head for Torquay and another Winter Bowling Break at the TLH Toorak.

Bowling on the hotels four rink indoor arena for two hours a day against other visiting clubs left plenty of time to enjoy the wide range of activities and entertainment offered within the complex or to explore Torquay and the surrounding area. For some it was a trip to Dartmouth whilst others were seen at the local Living Coasts Centre.

But, it was a Winter Bowling Break and a rematch with two clubs from 2019 - Moira Bowls Tour from Leicestershire and Angel Tonbridge. The third club to play against was Malvern Hills.

The first game of the week, on Monday, was against Moira and this turned out to be the closest of the week. Very close throughout, the outcome was down to the final end and it was Moira who came out in front by just three shots. A very enjoyable game.

Tuesday against Malvern was not so close but equally enjoyable. Malvern came out in front by fifty to thirty six shots.

Wednesday saw another game against Moira Bowls Tour but this meeting was anything but close with Moira coming away winners by seventy shots to twenty.

The final game of the week on Thursday was against Angel Tonbridge and this turned out to be a closer encounter with the loosing margin being fourteen shots.

So, no wins this year but very enjoyable bowling, some good company and some great memories to take home.

A tradition of the Winter Bowling Break is a game of Ten Pin Bowling on the hotels four lane facility. Always great fun, eighteen of the touring party took part this year and at the end there were prizes for the highest scoring lady and the highest scoring gentleman. The highest scoring lady and the highest score overall with 110 was Chrissy Carpenter. Three men tied on 94, Ken Grimes, Peter Cornish and Bill Cook who all received a prize at the end of tour presentations.

Thursday evening and the end of break presentations saw organisers Dee Crawley and Gill Hinksman hand out the prizes, everybody had one! There is a prize for the top scoring lady and top scoring gent from the weeks bowling, based on the first three games played by each player. This year’s winners, Shirley Parker and Mervyn White. Captains and skips received thank you prizes and it was Shirley Parker who thanked the organisers on behalf of everybody at the end of the meeting. Next year’s break is already booked!

Great news for the coming outdoor season, the club has a new Secretary. Peter Cornish has taken on the from long serving Heather Champion and Ray Cook will be Captain on Wednesdays. Dawn Evans will be Competition Secretary.

The Green will re-open on Good Friday April 10th.

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